Sunday, December 9, 2012

OOTDs: A Lavish Farmyard.

Hi, all!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend.  Man, Sunday night can be a bit of a bummer knowing that Monday is around the corner.  (I know that I technically work from home, but I LOVE having Mr. Dina around to help with some of the parenting.)  ;)

Okay, so these two outfits are a bit funny.  I think I chose the wrong bottoms for both of the tops, but in the moment both tops felt great with the bottoms I chose.  Hindsight is always 20/20, right?

Anyhow, my future plan for the Lavish T-shirt is to wear it paired with a beautiful printed pencil skirt (and tucked in) and my plan for the Farmyard Fair Isle Sweater is to pair it with jeans (s-o-o-o-o boring but exactly what that wack-a-doo pattern needs).

I was bowling the day I wore these crazy pants.  In fact, most of the ladies who bowl with me and the guys who run the alley kept referencing my crazy pants.  I was able to procure a ball (for $25 down from $150) because the guy who helps with the alley thought of the ball when he saw my pants.  Who says fashion isn't beneficial?

(The ball is "damaged."  Which in bowling speak means that NADA is wrong with think JCAs get their panties in a bunch over a hole in a tee?  You all should meet some of these bowlers.  Man, they have put the Cray in Crazy.  Of course I only made it worse by wearing the crazy pants around them.)

I think the outfit actually looks okay with the jacket over top, helps balance the print in the pants.

The jacket is awesome, btw.  An ebay seller from Southern VA must have found this at one of the clearance centers since it was a sample and a really great price for what it is (double faced cashmere--so so soft).

If I had to do this over again, I would wear full length pants that are bit more subdued.  Looking at this image, I think I look a bit "girl on stilts" here.  Crazy patterned stilts.  (I wore them last here and they look fine with that particular pairing.  I think these pants need to be left for summer-summer-summer-time.)

Lavish T-shirt.  I went back and forth over whether I liked this tee enough to buy it, even at a great mid-season sale price.  Even when I first received it, I was still on the fence.

I bought the size 6, which is my usual Boden size for tops, and it fits fine in the shoulders and waist.  The bust and waist are a bit big, while the hips are touch small.

I got around the hips being too small by tucking the hem under, which worked just fine, but from the back looks a bit *scrunched*, so I will be dragging out the sewing machine and re-hemming the top so it hits at my high hip and not my low hip, which should take care of the problem.

I really dig the color, a beautiful brown/grey.  I rarely can wear brown without looking horrid, so I appreciate the hues of brown I can wear.  The lovely (and very well done) embellishment at the neckline and shoulder detail is a bonus.

I love the cap sleeves, as it helps make my shoulders seem wider in relation to my hips (pear shapes, if you can find a tailor or you yourself can hem, consider this top for that reason alone).

Here is why I need to get out the sewing machine, once the hem is brought up the fabric will lay much better.

The fabric is viscose, and as I discussed in this post on the Westminster scoop tunic dress, it did wrinkle, but not obscenely so.

Farmyard Fair Isle Sweater.  This was a sweater that intrigued me for a couple of reasons. is almost ugly, like ugly sweaters that my hero Leslie Hall would wear.  Two...any chance for me to sort of be like Leslie Hall (in small doses, of course), I'll take it.  Three...fair isle is a big thing right now.  Four...I tried it on multiple times and kept hemming and hawing, should I get it?  I loved it, but couldn't decide, but reference number one and two for why I decided to love it for real.  Five...the pattern has kitty cats, and since Mr. Dina refuses to let us get cats until the kids are much, much, MUCH older, this is all I get for now.

I bought a small, which is one size up from my normal sweater size at J. Crew.  (I think it fits a bit short and a bit close, so I think if you like it, definitely size up unless you are tee-tiny.)

Oof.  This outfit looks like I am trying out to be an extra in any movie by John Hughes.  Can't you just see me in some Chicago suburb trying to figure out *what in the world my life is. GOING. TO. BE. and how in the world to catch the eye of THAT. CUTE. GUY. IN. 7th. PERIOD.*

CW looks really cute.

Looks better with the vest opened.  Next time I am ditching the rust colored capris and sticking with denim.  Boring but way less insane-looking.

Oh, and I will leave the pigtails in 7th period.  Or at least wait until I am wearing a sundress and flip-flops.

Gaw!  My baby.  Simply a gratuitous Angus photo for you all to smile at...

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