Monday, December 17, 2012

OOTDs: Dusk Pink, Bright Blue, and Some Sequins.

Hi, all.  Happy Monday night!

I am so appreciative of all the words of support with regards to my current state of affairs (redonkulous pain thanks to mastitis).  It really helps to know what works, what doesn't, who has gone through it, who knows someone who has, etc.  I am floored that after three babies (who each nursed many many months) the dreaded mastitis happens now.

Anyhow, I am feeling better, but I need to stay on top of the ibuprofen and the antibiotics in order to feel good.  :)  I also read that resting up is helpful, so Mr. Dina has insisted that I only do as much as we need this week, so no extra runs to the grocery store, Target, school runs, bowling (sob!), etc., until I feel better. Aw!  (I think Dr. Ma letting us know that I would have been hospitalized had I waited too long to be seen scared the you know what out of my husband, hence Mr. Dina's strict instructions to lay low.)

Okay, I can and will do blog posts in between naps and warm compress applications.  LOL.  That isn't terribly taxing, right?

Worn last Wednesday to Winesday with my bro.  I had thought I wanted something a bit dressy since my brother had just come from work and figured I didn't need to be the schlub standing next to "Mr. Hot Stuff Working Man."

The tee is the Fabric Mix Long Sleeved T-Shirt (Pure Collection--currently in the sale section).  I sized down in this tee to a size 4 since I personally believe that all of Pure Collection runs large.  I took a 4 in this top, but if I had ordered a 2 (the smallest size they carry), I would have fit into that, no problem.  Do not order this tee if you are won't fit you.

The skirt is the Tall No. 2 pencil skirt in the mauve blush color.  I chose a size 8, and because of my hips this was the right call.  I am glad they are carrying talls, this one fits exactly right, with only the littlest bit of extra room at the waist.  I love how long it is, especially, hitting right below my knees!  Only Boden skirts hit there on me, so I am happy that J. Crew is doing this.  I also got this one on super sale, so ladies, the price it is right now is pretty darn good for what you get.  Also, I think this pink can act as a neutral, and looks very nice with the teals, greys, browns, and warm yellows.

The other pieces are just really old.  I wear them a lot.  Especially those tights.  I LUURRRVVEE my Wal-Mart Tights (George brand if you need to know).

Added the Boucle Peplum Jacket and the Tulu bag in grey to keep the outfit extra coordinated.  ;)

This outfit is from the night I went to the urgent care with the dreaded mastitis.  Imagine the feeling of pain in your "lady bits" in this top.  Yeah.  It hurt. *Bad.*  Thankfully the pain came on at the very end of hanging out with our friends, but this tee, though a nice knit cotton, is not the best choice when experiencing the pains of motherhood.

I love my bright blue pencil skirt, but I seem to always wear it with black and white (or I did last year--before that I paired it with guava).

The polka dot sequin top is fun, I preferred the cream version to the black version because too much black near my face is a bad idea.

I took an extra-small and it fits fine.  The small would have been better *that* night, but I am not planning on those events ever happening again.

I added the Bella Coat in black with my Belgian beret (all my friends tease me about my ubiquitous beret that comes out every winter--since 2000!) and the big red Andie bag.

We went to DC to see the White House Christmas tree.  We parked near the American History museum and the Washington Monument.  I have lived here long enough (almost 30 years--woo!) that I have a stupid number of Washington Monument photos.  How many can one girl have?

I do like this one a lot, but last year's had the babies and me.  :)

There the tree is, along with the Menorah behind my friend A.'s shoulder.  His girlfriend, J., has never been to DC, so he was excited to show her around (and off!).  A. looks like he could be my brother, but he's not.  My soul brother, maybe, but not my real brother.

Rex graced us with a photo.  Barely.

Today I took it really easy.  I decided that I needed to get out of my PJs (had been wearing them since late Saturday night), so I threw on the Cashmere Herringbone Sweater (dusk pink color).  I love these two colors together, and I had lucked out into buying it one real late night over the Thanksgiving weekend when all those crazy sales were running (so I ended up getting it for near half off--yay for delaying shutting one sale down before starting another, J. Crew).  I took this in a size small, which is one size up from my normal cashmere size.  It has a nice long length this way and since the knit on this a bit tighter of a weave, the fit is less close.  Definitely do not size down in this one.  The cashmere is not exceptionally soft, but oh, it is SO warm!  Exactly what I needed to feel good today.

Here is a detail shot of the knit, so you can see just how nicely woven this particular piece is.  Didn't pill at all today, btw.

Okay, that's all.  Thanks again for being so sweet to me!  :)