Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Boden: 20% Off Sale Picks!

Fancy some light-colored clothing?  All of these are on sale, sale, sale!

Hi, everyone!  I hope your past few days have been going well.  I clearly have been busy, but saying that is like saying I was breathing, eating, and/or running around after toddlers.  At this point of my life, busy is just expected.  :)

Anyhow, since today is the last day of the 20% off sale at Boden (with free ship and returns) that I blogged about here on Sunday, I thought it was high time I do a few picks of items that are looking like they are a great deal at the 20% off.

Here is how I am approaching this sale...

1. In a few weeks many items will no doubt be reduced further by another big sale, so I am only picking items that will not be around for the next big sale.  Basically anything that looks like it could sell out at this price is going to make it onto this picks post.

2. I will also put items on this list that are on backorder since I know that 20% off is about as good as it gonna get for those type of items because THERE IS A REASON THEY ARE ON BACKORDER (read: they are popular).  Johnnie is definitely stingy with deeply reducing the popular items, even in clearance, so those items should be on this list.

Now, having said that, if you love love love an item and know that it is something you would wear the heck out of, buying a less popular item at the 20% off is no big deal.  I have plenty in my closet that was purchased at 20% off (usually in the previews) that later was way further reduced and you won't hear me complaining since the things I loved I kept and I wore.

Okay, onto the picks!

Lightweight Scarf.  Sometimes Boden scarves sell out immediately, whereas other times they languish limply in the accessories section like a sad tissue in someone's cardigan pocket.  This season, these are selling like hotcakes and will unlikely be reduced much further (though the less popular colors may be reduced a bit more in clearance).

(BTW, the link to the item page is in the item name.  My affiliate program doesn't have the item in its directory of items.) 

Chelsea Bag
Chelsea Bag.  Umm, yum.  If I didn't already own a few perfect bags, I would be all over this one.  Apparently others agree since this one is also on deep backorder.

Elgin Jacket
Elgin Jacket.  Unlike the first two picks, you can actually order this one now and receive it right away (well, add in the infamous shipping times, of course).  This is a popular jacket (especially in navy) and will probably not stick around till clearance.  It looks very wearable, and the stand-up collar is adorable.

Relaxed Jacket
Relaxed Jacket.  Like the Elgin, this one is about to sell out (white, especially).  Again, very wearable jacket in a modern silhouette.

Lace Dress
Lace Dress.  I haven't even received mine and like I suspected, this one is gonna be gone once the stocks come in since even the backordered ones are selling out.  Since this dress was used as the image for the summer collection, it really isn't a surprise.  I am very glad I ordered the yellow in the preview.  (Now fingers crossed that I ordered the right size.)

Selina Dress
Selina Dress.  This one wasn't even on my radar, but I go and open up the item page and see it is on deep backorder and/or is sold out.  I guess there are people who have less issues with viscose/rayon than me.  :)  (I don't mind the fabric, I just hate paying a higher price for it!)  Anyhow, it is likely that this one is selling out because the ruching and gathering are very flattering on the female form and the solid colors make this one a versatile option in any wardrobe.

Summer  Ponte Dress
Summer Ponte Dress.  If I thought, even for a moment, that I could wear this one, I would be all over the orange version.  My darling hipline begs to differ, so I will leave this beauty to those of you less "blessed" in the bottom region.  It is also selling out, so will not be around for the clearance.

Clara Dress
Clara Dress.  My mom wanted me to get this one, and I guess I should have listened to her since this one in blue is nearly completely gone and the white one is looking like it will be gone soon.  Ah, well, I can see if I can recreate the look through my sewing (though it will be a few years before I am experienced enough to try it).  If your size is there and you love it, grab it sooner than later.

Notch  Neck Shift
Notch Neck Shift.  This one is in my closet waiting for warmer temperatures to come out and play.  I bought the 8 Long and while it fits, I would say if you want it and haven't tried it, you may want to go down one size and one length (for me that would be a 6 R).

Bistro Crop Trousers.  I am not the biggest fan of these (I bought the printed pink version in two sizes) since I can't seem to figure out what size I am, but I probably am alone based on how well these are selling.  If you like this style and you know which size you are, I say go for it during this sale.

My deal is that the 8 long is about one hair too small in the waist (but great everywhere else) while the 10 long is huge in the waist (by a full two inches), hips, and legs.  I don't mind the legs and hips being huge, but even when I tried taking in the waist with a very strong safety pin, the pants still fit weirdly.  Sigh.  I may give it a week to see if I feel differently about either size (lady time=not best time to try on pants), but if you are shaped like me and you are on the cusp of two sizes, you may run into similar issues.

(BTW, the link to the item page is in the item name.  My affiliate program doesn't have the item in its directory of items.)

Seventies Wedges
Seventies Wedges.  So cute, and by the time they arrive at your house, it will definitely be the right time of year to wear them.  :)

Draycott Skirt
Draycott Skirt.  Very lovely skirt that definitely is both work and special event appropriate.  The pink color is nearly gone, but you can still grab the other colors.  I did a review of the Draycott coat if you would like to see what the fabric looks like in real life.

Broderie Skirt
Broderie Skirt.  This one is not going to stick around for sale time.  I love the contrast lining on the light purple shade. 

Peter Pan Top
Peter Pan Shirt.  Another very popular item that wasn't even on my radar, though it has been around since the fall.  Some colors are completely sold out but there are colors just on backorder.  Anyhow, the top is perfect with so many bottoms and occasions, it is no surprise that it is selling well.

Florence Top
Florence Top.  I am throwing this one in here because I see that some of the shades are selling out in the smaller sizes which means that this will be unlikely to make it to clearance at a deeper discount (well the grey shade might).  I also like that this top is made from silk, so is more value for money spent than some of the viscose offerings.

Alrighty, thanks for reading my picks!  Do you all see anything else?  I am sure there is plenty there that is a great value in this sale, but time constraints means I am only able to publish my top "picks!"

Talk with you all soon!

Below is the direct link to the sale, just in case you need it: