Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Moved to Clearance!

Hey, all!  Happy Wednesday.  :)  If you are in the DC area, are you experiencing rain or snow?  We are just east of the snow line, so it has mainly been rain all day, but from what I understand, even a mile from here (west), folks are getting pummeled by a ton of snow.  Yet we have a day off from school because even if one part of the county is being destroyed by ice and snow and the other part is not, the whole county has the day off.

Anyway, a few things to note before I begin the roundup.

1. Summer new arrivals are here, as I noted in this blog post.  There is a new coupon for the blog's sidebar (and at the bottom of this post), but the "value" of it remains the same as it was for spring, 15% off with free shipping.  You can use the new coupon for all non-clearance items, including anything in the "trim" this week (which includes many new arrivals).

2. The new arrivals also means that things got shifted around a bit, including something I have never seen from Boden before, the inclusion of many spring items into the clearance section.  It used to be that spring and summer items would only move to clearance in July (fall/winter in December), but it seems that Boden is letting the less successful spring items move to the clearance earlier than in prior years.

This is good and bad.  

Good--the spring items in the clearance are priced well, with many between 50 and 60% off.

Bad--the spring clearance items' prices cannot be further reduced by using the sidebar coupon, since all clearance items are exempt from the code.

Good--when the items all move to clearance in July the current spring items *should* receive a bigger reduction in price which would make them a really good deal.

Bad--we will have to wait A LONG TIME for that to happen.

I have no non-clearance items in the review today, simply because I haven't worn the items that are currently still at regular price.  It's okay, it just means that neither of the items I am wearing can be further reduced with the coupon (but the free shipping from the coupon will apply).

Onto the reviews!
Casual Pintuck Dress.  Size 8 Long.

I had done an initial review of this dress in this post.  I said of it then:

Okay, so here is the deal with this dress.  I bought the denim version for a good price (25% off) in a size 6 long.  I received it and it fit, no problem.  Then I attempted to take it off and the zip and it broke!  Sigh.  I then decided not to chance it and exchange for the 8 long just in case, and I have received that one.  I wore it yesterday, and while I personally think the bodice is rather large on me, the hips and waist were awesome, a touch looser than the 6 long, and no zip malfunctions.  I do believe I could have exchanged for a 6 long and been fine (it really was a crap zipper, sorry Boden), I won't be sad for the 6 long on my "fat" days when pulling out the dress with just a bit more room will make me feel better.  (I also know that I can figure out how to alter the top half on my sewing machine--I will likely try to create some crafty folds or tucks to make it a bit less blousey.)

I still feel that way, and I still think I may need to shorten/take in the bodice, but this dress is a keeper since it is very versatile and lovely.

I styled it more than you see here, but those photos will be in one of the next few ootd posts (I will be doing a series on my casual dressy/dressy outfits of late).

This is the back, as you can see the bodice is rather large, even with the tee layered under it, but the skirt portion fits very nicely.

Casual Pintuck Dress
Casual Pintuck Dress.  Many sizes still available, with the green cord and the denim version selling the fastest (even though they are the higher price).

Sequinned Dress.  Size 8 long.

This is a dress I knew I wanted, as long as I had an honest to goodness function to wear it to.  Usually that would be my hubby's work's holiday party, but this last year, that party was a no-go (it is now going to be in April as a celebration instead, weird).

I ended up having a function, my son's school's auction night, which asked for us to wear "cocktail attire."  I can think of nothing more "cocktail" than this over the top spangly and sparkly frock.

This photo above is from the night of the auction, and there will be more from that night in one of the upcoming ootd posts, but I thought you might like to see how I ended up styling it since I personally feel this dress, for all its bling, needs some oomph to make it really work.

On its own, taken a few weeks before the auction.  I tried it without the belt and bag and with darker tights, and while it was okay, it was not what I wanted.  I felt like the dress, for all of its comfort (it is a stretch jersey with thousands of tiny little sequins sewn all over it), needed some waist definition.  I understand why Boden would keep this waist a bit more relaxed, since that is the shape of the dress (a shift silhouette), but for me, I like to see my waist defined.

From the back.  There is a back zip, which is awesome because it means you can step into the dress as opposed to pulling it over your head and possibly ruining the sequins and your hair and makeup.  Because it is a back zip dress, I could have *possibly* gone with a size smaller, but I don't really want that much of my lower body on display, no matter how well encased by spanx it may be.  LOL.

From the side.  Really lovely from the side view.  Had I simply stood like this all night, I could have kept it styled this way (well, I would have done my hair better!).  :)

Close up of the many many many micro-sequins. The dress is lined, so you can't feel them on your skin.

Sequinned Dress
Sequinned Dress.  Still many sizes available.  I paid about $140 and I have a feeling this dress will serve me well for many functions in the future.  Cost per wear will still be high, but for a party dress, $140 is a decent price.

Other Blog Friends' Reviews:
Macrame Top
Macrame Top.  Shopwithm did a very detailed review of this top (she tried on two of the colors, too!).

Twist Front Jersey Dress
Twist Front Jersey DressLou looks quite lovely in this frock with all its gorgeous plums and yellows.

Casual Pintuck Tee
Pintuck Tee.  Really cute casual look (denim skirt, cami, this tee, tights, and boots) from Lou here at this blog post (last outfit in post).

Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan
Pretty Crew Neck Cardigan.  Lou employs the dark grey version as a topper to her printed tee and darling colored jeans outfit.

Pimlico Dress
Pimlico Dress.  I love this dress on Lou, and I love the way she kept the accessories simple so that the dress could be the star!  :) 

Sarah Dress
Sarah Dress.  Lou wears this pretty floral dress with a pair of shoes that are a dead ringer for Boden's pointed Mary Janes. 

Alrighty, that's it for today.  :)  Do you all have any thoughts on any of these items?  How do you feel about Boden moving spring items to clearance so early?

Below is the current coupon for 15% off and free shipping.  I love this image, btw, so cute!