Sunday, March 24, 2013

Boden: Diminishing Discount Time! 20% Off with Free Ship and Returns Until Wednesday!

Frocks on sale!

Hi, everyone!  If you haunt my facebook page, you will have seen a post made by me late last night mentioning the diminishing discount that was set to start today (thanks to Lou and my affiliate manager for letting me know early!).  And, yep, there it is--all beautiful 20% off with free shipping and returns.  :-)

Angus's first birthday party is today (his birthday is actually tomorrow), so I have a ton of preparations to do, but I wanted to at least let you all know of this big sale before I got my butt in gear to deliver unto my third born a day full of ridiculous over-consumption of cupcakes and presents.

Anyhow, there are virtually no exclusions, but there are a few, of course.  The 20% off cannot be used in conjunction with the big mini sale going on right now (however, any mini not in the sale can be reduced by 20%).  The 20% off also cannot be combined with my "normal" coupon of 15% off (aw, shucks!), and it cannot be used with any clearance items.

I should be able to hobble together a "picks" post tomorrow, with the intent of finding the items that may sell out before clearance time or are an especially good price with the 20% off, but because that is a bit of time from now, I would love to read your choices from this sale!

Okay, you all have a fabulous Sunday, and we'll talk soon!

Below is another direct link to the sale.  ;-)