Monday, March 4, 2013

Boden: Summer 2013! Live and Ready to Go!

Hey, everyone! I was thinking the summer items would drop tomorrow morning since my sidebar's coupon expires tonight, but I was pleasantly surprised that the summer clothing dropped today. 

So if you made a preorder, you should be seeing the "shipped" e-mails coming through, and if we have any luck at all, maybe most of them will come from Pennsylvania.  :)  (Unless you read this blog from Europe, may all your parcels come to you from England.  LOL.)

The affiliate program has not updated the coupon links with summer graphics, but the spring version still works.  I have no idea if the coupons will just switch over tonight to the new summer coupons, or if I will have to switch them over manually, but either way, I will make sure to take care of it.  You can use the current coupon for the summer items.

I also want to remind you that every week there is some sort of "trim," which are items that are an additional 20% off.  This week it appears there a quite a few dresses, a couple of tops, and a handful of accessories in the trim.  Some of those items are even summer items, like the Lace Jacket and the Sumptuous Silk Dress.  :)  The trim items can also be further reduced by using the 15% off coupon, which ends up equaling about 30% off.

Since I already did a "picks" post (part one here and part two here), I will not do another one, but I may take a closer look at some of the "style" section bits, since Boden comes up with some cute outfit ideas over there.

Do you all have any favorites from this new line?

Below is the coupon I spoke of above.