Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Boden: Autumn 2013 Picks...Accessories, Shoes, Jackets/Coats, Tops, and Skirts.

Hey, all!  Today I thought I would get the final picks post done, with an emphasis on Boden's fabulous offerings from the accessories, shoes, tops, and skirts.  Part one is here, and part two (mini Boden) is here

I had hoped to include the Johnnie b. line, since there are so many darling items that we as women can fit into, but I am a bit pressed for time since we are technically on vacation, and our family wants to go out and you know, "live life" outside.  When I get home this weekend, I may get that post done, but if not, you can see all the pretty here.  I would wear a size 13-14 or 15-16 in tops/dresses and a 15-16 or 16+ in pants/skirts, so keep that in mind if you choose to preorder any Johnnie b.

I am pleasantly surprised by how many Boden shoes I picked, but saddened by how few tops I chose.  The shoes and accessories this year are stunning, unique, and seemingly well-crafted in gorgeous colors, whereas the tops are suffering from redundancy in both shape and patterns.  I feel like we have seen all the tops before.  I am not one to want completely new every season, and like that Boden doesn't get rid of its favorites, but there wasn't enough novelty within the tops to make me go "ooh" or "aww."  The few that I chose are the only standouts, but even having said that, I am only planning on ordering one of them, and would only consider the other few on deeper discount.

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Okay, there is a LOT of photos here, so let's just start, right?

Boho Boot.  Wow.  Now this is a shape and a color I would not expect from Boden.  I don't want everything Boden offers to become Zara but it is nice to have more modern, urban options from them.

Anyone else think these are pretty cool?
Casual Winter Boots.  These boots are a classic, and if you don't own a pair of tan low-heeled boots, you should definitely consider these.  Although my tan version is from Lands' End, I pulled mine out constantly last season, and even brought them with me on my trip to Ireland, even though I normally don't like to travel with anything that heavy.  The weight of such a versatile boot was worth it.

Deco Flat.  These are exactly like J. Crew's Janey Flats, but in a bright green, which is a color that Boden has splashed all over its fall collection.  I am still unsure about this color for the fall, but I am happy that Boden is doing something a bit different (they are also using a lot of navy, another non-traditional shade for that time of year).

Equestrian Boot.  This is the more upscale version of the Casual Winter Boots, done up in a leather that is a touch darker and a with more polish.  How pretty are those buckles, btw?

In addition to all the normal boot shades, this also comes in a nice deep wine shade and a patent navy.

Heeled Brogue.  I bought these already, in this colorway, since they are gorgeous, and will be worn by me the moment the temperatures dip into the 60s. 

Even if they don't sell out (but they probably will), I will have worn them a ton before they make it to super sale, so I won't care.  ;-)  Let's just hope I bought the right size. 

Heeled Loafer.  Again, a big fave of mine, since I love a little lift from a practical shoe.  This deep grey color combined with classic penny loafer styling means I can wear them everywhere from the school run to nice nights out with the hubby.

Sixties Heel.  This particular combo is pretty special, the navy patent combined with a low heel in a darling ladylike silhouette.  I don't know where else we will be able to find a shoe just like this.  Maybe I am the only one who likes navy shoes, but I doubt it, and I am pleased that Boden is willing to pepper their collection with navy shoes, since so many retailers stop at black, brown, and nude.

Sixties T-Bar.  Swoon.  Like my favorites from last fall (see the blog header for an image of me wearing them), these pumps are unique, detailed, and very feminine.  Since I already have enough "special" heels, I will be sitting this pair out, but enjoy those of you who actually have a need for something just like this. 

Bow Tie Belt.  This belt is darling, and would look just right at any waist, especially atop a more serious dress, like the Wool Skater Dress.

Evie Bag.  I promise I will stop talking about how awesome it is that Boden is carrying navy leather goods after I show you this bag.

This shape is perfection for anyone who has a need for a medium sized bag with a strong closure.  The ability to either carry the bag by the handle or crossbody is also very appealing.  And it is navy.  LOL.  ;-)

Flowerburst Necklace.  The last few seasons of Boden's jewelry has been a bit of a letdown.  I have a necklace I bought from them a few years ago that I love and wear a lot during the holiday season, and I see that Boden has brought some of that back with this adorable statement necklace.  It comes in two other shades, but this pewter/gold version is my fave.

Metropolitan Bag.  Like the Deco Flats above, this bag is also available in a gorgeous emerald green color.  I could see many women carrying this bag to and from work, lighting up the sidewalks.  (Tell me at least one of you will do so, especially here in DC where the winter sidewalks are full of black and grey clothing and accessories.)

Retro Necklace.  If you like the look of the bubble necklace by J. Crew but can't handle its size, or you are just tired of its ubiquity, then this necklace may be more your speed.  The colors they offer are lovely, but this blue is about the purest shade of blue I have ever seen, right there in the middle, not too light and not too dark.

Chunky Knit Tights.  Boden sold out of these tights super fast last year and I made the mistake of ordering a size large when I should have bought a medium (they ran long and a bit loose).  I did catch a pair of mediums on popback, so I confirmed that is indeed my size.  I highly recommend ordering them early and in two sizes to try them out, since there is definitely a chance these super warm, super cozy and comfy tights will sell out again, especially in this not-oft seen combo of teal and brown.

Aimee Top.  Okay so this pale pink, airy, lacy sweater looks like it would work better in spring than fall, but for those of you willing to wear something "out of the box," I bet you will look pretty in this.
Also, if you live in the American South, this top will be more than appropriate, weather-wise, for you to wear most of our fall anyhow.  (Many October days will be in the 80s and humid in the DC area, for instance.)

Alice Lace Top.  This was the one top I am ordering early, since I think the jade lace is pretty and unique.  I think this top will look just perfect with jeans as it would a darling pencil skirt and under a jacket.

Embellished Ponte Top.  This was my sister-in-law's pick, and after we looked at it for awhile we realized the necklace beading was not black, but a deep indigo blue that we preferred.

Chepstow Top.  This is very "fall" like and since I love hotchpotch, I had to recommend it, even if I will only be buying it on super-sale (if it gets to there, of course).

Daisy Jacquard Top.  I thought I was going to purchase the Daisy Jacquard Dress in this color, but upon realizing the same design came in this top and a skirt (below), I have decided I am going to wait and decide if I want the dress or the skirt/top.  If the reviews say the dress is pear-shape friendly, I will buy it, but if it is not pear-shape friendly, then I will likely buy the top and skirt and combine it to make a dress that is pear-shape friendly.  Plus the skirt has pockets.  ;-)

Blackfriars Jacket.  The material is soft and stretchy, the navy and black piping looks fresh together, and the zip is modern looking.  Well done, Boden, well done.

Mia Coat.  Although I really, really, really want to buy this in preview, I know I wouldn't wear it until December at the earliest, so unless this jacket goes into "pink low stock" box territory, I will have willpower and wait.  But ooh, that color!

Military Wool Jacket.  I won't wait on this one because this jacket is made from a sumptuous wool herringbone, versatile, and well-tailored, and legions of women will probably want this one in their closet.  Navy will probably sell out fastest since that is the version the model is wearing.  I prefer this olive green color for me, though, better suited for my coloring.

Saint Germain Coat.  Another one I am waiting for, but if pink box territory comes out and rears its ugly head, I will go ahead and bite on it. 

Daisy Jacquard Skirt.  See the Daisy Jacquard Top above on why this skirt is in my picks.  (It has pockets, though, for those of you who don't want to scroll up...)

Monmouth Skirt.  I only picked this skirt because that print is exceptional, really a showstopper.

Notre Dame Skirt.  I have never seen a skirt in this particular kind of wool check, outside of a few photos of women in the 1960s.  Retro and special, I bet this particular version sells out, even if pink and green are not "in season."

Printed Cotton Pencil Skirt.  This skirt looks like it would be appealing to the J. Crew fans who read my blog and also check out Boden from time to time, since its print is very reminiscent of J. Crew while remaining quite "Boden."

Smithfield Wool Skirt.  I am going to sell the wool skater skirt I purchased last season and buy this one instead since this hipline is more forgiving for my figure than the skater skirt.  If you want to buy my wool skater skirt, you can e-mail me, btw.  :-)

If you like this skirt, it also comes in a tan color and a grey/black polka dot version.

Phew.  That's it.  LOL.  Do you have any favorites you would like to add?

Other news, before I go...

1. Boden is offering free shipping on the spring/summer end of season sale.  I wrote a post on it here.

2. Lands' End has given me access to an affiliate only coupon, currently running in my sidebar (and below), which is good until July 19th, 2013.  It gives you an additional 20% off sale items, and if you spend $50 or more, you will get free shipping, too.
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