Friday, July 12, 2013

Boden: Second Cuts to Spring/Summer 2013 Sale!

Well, we all knew that the second cuts would come, I am just surprised at how quickly Boden rolled the new prices out.  This morning I checked my shopping bag (has some mini shorts and tees for my three rugrats) and instead of being $100, it had gone down to $85.

(Thanks, btw, to both Lou and my affiliate manager for alerting me to the reductions!)

A lot of women's items are on deep discount, many as much to 60% off.  (Dresses are the one category with the largest number of 60% off choices, fwiw.)

Haven't had a real good look round, but if you had your eye on something and were waiting for an additional cut, you may be in for a surprise this morning.  :-)

Below is a direct link to the sale, but remember during clearance there are no additional % off coupons, nor is there free shipping.  The banner says "up to 50% off," but don't worry, the banners haven't been updated, but the site has...

Have fun {further reduced sale} shopping!

Have any picks, let us know in the comments below!