Monday, July 22, 2013

Boden: Autumn/Fall 2013 is Now Live!

Look One: Mia Coat, Cable Sweater, Bistro Crop Trousers (I did a review on these from last season here), and Sixties T-Bar.

Look Two: Lightweight Roll Neck, Daisy Jacquard Skirt, Skinny Belt, and Sixties Slingbacks.

Look Three (my fave of the bunch!): Cable Sweater, Lois Skirt, Tuileries Top, and Pointed Flat.

Look Four: Tuileries Top, Cashmere Crew Neck Cardigan, Lois Skirt, Canonbury Clutch, Pointed Flat.

Look Five: Stripe Colourblock Top, Skinny Ankle Skimmer Jeans, Super Skinny Belt, and Sixties Slingbacks.

ADDED TO ORIGINAL POST on July 24, 2013:
You can see all of the looks at this slideshow.

Boden also has a slideshow featuring some of the pages from the catalog that I received in the mail, which I still have plans to put here on the blog since some of the "winter only" items are not part of the slideshow.  But it is still nice to look at and enjoy!

Also, a ton of items have the "video" option, which Boden had introduced a few years ago and then didn't bring back for a second season.  I think having the video is awesome to see how items move on a body, and are not just static on a dressform.  You can see it with the Mia Coat (in look one above).  

Okay, everyone, the Boden site is live and ready to go.  I pulled these images off the site from "The Bright Side" link right there on the front page of the site.  Eventually, I will add links to the products so you can see what products are what.  ;)  This blog post is a work in progress...   Finished the links as of 12:50 pm, July 24, 2013.

No new coupon links at my affiliate site, but I know, with 100% certainty, something is in the works, it just hasn't been uploaded to their site yet.  As soon as that happens, I will make sure to update this post and the blog sidebar.

UPDATE: New Coupon is directly below this sentence and in the sidebar.  Also of note...many pieces from the collection are already in the "pink low stock" box, which means the preview sale went very very well.  Hmmm...

Until then, enjoy the pretty, have fun exploring, and if you see any must-haves that we missed during the preview (or that you really love even if it was in the preview), let us know in the comments.  :-)