Sunday, July 21, 2013

J. Crew/Boden: EUC Clothing for Sale!

Hey, all, lots of excellent used condition clothing for sale here.  I am going to dispense with too much talky-talk, but here are the basics...

1. I accept paypal at my e-mail dinagideon AT aim DOT com.

2. Because I am headed to the consignment store on Tuesday, please let me know no later than Tuesday morning at 10 am if you would like one of these items.  (10 am Eastern time, of course, since that's where these clothes are.)  After Tuesday, I suspect the vast majority of these will be in the hands of Mint Condition, my local store.

3. Shipping is not included, and is a flat rate to the United States, $5 for one or two items, however if you buy 3 or more items, I will ship the items for free.  If you are in Canada or elsewhere, I can ship the items to you, but cannot offer free shipping, nor can I offer a flat rate for the items.  If you decide you would like something and you don't live in the US, I will contact the post office to let you know what the shipping would be for your items.

4. I am around a lot, but there are times when I have to step away from the computer, so if I don't email right away, know that I will honor first come, first serve, so email me if you would like something.  I will try to be quick in my replies.

5. If I can, I will update this post with info on the pieces, like the name that J. Crew or Boden gave it, and if I have time, I will also attempt to link to a post where I wore the piece, so you can see it on a real body and not just dressmaker dummy Dina.  ;-)

J. Crew:
1. Sunshine Peony Button-Up, Size 8, $15. (ON HOLD.)

2. Convertible Sleeve Button-Up, Size M, $10, from 2007.

3. FACTORY Dotted Popover, Size XS, $15. (ON HOLD.)

4. FACTORY Snow Leopard Button-Up, Size S, $10. (ON HOLD.)

5. Checked Button-Up, Size M, $10, from 2006.

6. Pink Paisley Button-Up, Size Petite 8, $15. (ON HOLD.)

7. Swiss Dot and Raw Silk Bib Popover, Size 10, $20. (ON HOLD.)

8. Peach Silk Henley Popover, Size 8, $20. (ON HOLD.)

9. COLLECTION Animal Print Silk Tank (with silk lining), Size 6, $20. (ON HOLD.)

10. COLLECTION Jacquard Tank, Size 8, $20.

11. COLLECTION Annette Blouse (Honey Glaze color), Size 10, $20.

12. Space-Dyed Shirt, Size XS, $10.

13. Lavender Oxford Shorts, Size 8, $10.

14. Olive Jersey Drapey Dress with Tie, Size S, $15. (SOLD.)

1. Bronze Cord Pocket Dress, Size UK 12R, US 8R, $30. (ON HOLD.)

2. Mod Print Jeweled Tunic, Size UK 10, US 6, $30.

3. Floral Dress, Size UK 12R, US 8R, $30. (ON HOLD.)

4. Henley Tee, Size UK 10, US 6, $5. (ON HOLD.)

5. Floral Henley Popover, Size UK 12, US 8, $10.

6. Hotchpotch Ruffle Neckline Tank, Size UK 12, US 8, $10.

7. Daisy Print Tank with Ribbon Detail, Size UK 12, US 8, $10.

8. Notch Neck Blouse with Tie Detail, Size UK 10, US 6, $15.

9. NWOT (Boden doesn't do tags) Wool Skater Skirt from Fall 2012, Black, Size UK 10L, US 6L, $50.  I will put a photo of it up in a while, since I do need to eat dinner... 

Okay, that's it.  :-)

P.S. For you Boden fans, tonight is the last night of the Boden Preview 20% off with free ship and returns (use code PRV3), and the new line should officially roll out tomorrow morning at regular old Boden USA.  I placed my order yesterday, and it said most items were in stock already, so I anticipate receiving quite a few of them over the next week or two.

I don't know what the % off will be during the "regular" season, but I do recall last season, very early on, a lot of items being part of the "Spring Trim," which was about 25% off.  No way to tell what will be reduced early on in the season, but I pretty much guarantee anything that has a pink checkmark "low stock" box will not be in the trim, since that means the item is already proving popular.

Have a great night!