Monday, July 8, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: For the Assistance of Sale Shopping...

Hello, all!

As most of you are aware now, the Boden end of season sale started yesterday (I wrote a post with more information here).  I also swore, up and down, that I would get some reviews your way, and technically my review on the jersey maxi dress counts, but I know most of the Boden fans that read this blog are really waiting for this BWRR. 

So here we go...

Boden for Women:
Seventies Wedges.  Size 41.  I polished my tootsies just for you all.  :-)

I actually bought these in two sizes, this pair in the size 41 and the size 40.  I find that Boden runs wide, and many times long, so I never know what to choose, and since these have proved to be best sellers this season, I didn't want to chance not receiving the right size (the 40 is on its way to being returned, btw).

These actually fit pretty true to size, and because there are more than enough holes in both straps, I didn't find them to be too wide, either.

These are so comfortable that they served me well on my Saturday afternoon trek to see the Folklife Festival on the Mall.  (My friend came with me but since I didn't grab her permission to be on the blog, I had to cut her out.  If she gives me permission, I will update this photo with her pretty smiling face!)

The heeled platform is a cork wedge and it is not too high, but not too short, either, really a perfect little heel to give one a nice lift off the ground.

The color is not navy, as is evident by the fact it doesn't even come close to the color of my dress, its color is more like a deep blueberry color.  Even with it not being the right shade of blue, it looks okay with the outfit, so I am not displeased by the pairing.

Seventies Wedges
Seventies Wedges.  The pink version are nearly completely gone, but stocks in both the blue and tan shades are not gone (except the 41 blue--I chose correctly, it seems!).

Jersey Maxi Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress.  Did a review and an ootd post featuring this lovely frock yesterday.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans.  Joanna looks lovely in the light lemon denim. ;-)  Love the shoes, too!

Authentic Casual Shirt
Adelaide Dress
Colourblock Points
Newquay Dress
Casual Weekend Dress
Lightweight V-neck
Sorrento Sandals
Authentic Casual Shirt, Adelaide Dress, Colourblock Points, Lightweight Scarf, Newquay Dress, Casual Weekend Dress, Lightweight V-Neck, and Sorrento SandalsLou has made my life so easy by compiling all the different outfits/reviews that she did of these above items.  (There's a lot there, so sit down for a spell!)  :-)  I fault her, btw, for my continued love of my Adelaide and Newquay dresses...

Hand Crochet Jacket
Hand Crochet Jacket.  Avril is amazing in navy and pink wearing this gorgeous little jacket.  I hadn't even noticed it, but now, of course, she has me thinking about it for my own self.  Enabler!

Marcy Top
Marcy Top.  Egyptomaniac is just stunning in this beautifully simple and chic summer ensemble.  This darling little eyelet peter pan collared top suits her well!

T-Bar Demi Wedges
T-Bar Demi WedgesHow perfect are the pewter version of these sandals with the red, white, and blue of AJC's patriotic July 4th outfit?  Love them!

Johnnie b.:
Classic Swimsuit.  Size 15-16.  I am braving the one piece for you all again.  Good gracious.

Anyhow, this swimsuit fits so well, nice and stretchy where it needs to be stretchy, but fitted in places where I can have issues with swimsuits (I will explain more in the last photo).

I adore this print, all those pretty little pineapples on the deep navy background.  This print is all gone now, but it might pop back in the sizes that us adults can wear, so be on the lookout/hunt.

For sizing purposes, I wear between a 4 and 6 in Boden Women's swimwear and a 4 or 6 in J. Crew swimwear.  Since most of my torso is small, swimwear is like my tops, I can wear a much smaller size than I can in pants/skirts/shorts.

Side view.  Two things that may concern adult women about choosing swimwear from a junior line...first, the lining is just that, a lining with no added bust support, none, nada, zilch, and second, there is no "suck it all in" shapewear lining, either, so if you need either bust support or "suck it all in" shapewear lining, this suit won't work for you, most likely.

This back view (can't even believe I am showing you all this) highlights the straps there in the upper portion of the photo, which is why I decided to keep this suit above all other things I liked about it.  The straps are fully adjustable, which means my super short torso fits into it well, and there is absolutely no gaping at the chest or upper back area (which does happen with many of my suits, unfortunately).  I also adore the cross strap back since ones that go up and down straight often fall off my shoulders.  (And when I get back into swimming laps again, these will make doing the laps much easier.)

If you have a long torso, this suit should work for you, too, since you can see that I have them adjusted nearly halfway.  That means they can adjust an additional two-three inches for extra length.

Classic Swimsuit
Classic swimsuit.  No more "adult" sizes left (except a lone 13-14 red sailboat version as of 4:23 pm), but there will be popbacks, just keep your eyes peeled for them.

mini Boden:

Pretty Pointelle T-shirt
Pretty Jersey Dress
Fun Printed Skirt
Towelling Beach Dress
Stripy Boat Neck
Patchwork Appliqué T-shirt
Simple Jersey Dress

Pretty Pointelle T-Shirt, Pretty Jersey Dress, Fun Printed Skirt, Towelling Beach Dress, Stripy Boat Neck, Patchwork Applique T-Shirt (CW has this one, too, and ADORES it), Printed Smock Top, and Simple Jersey Dress (baby Boden line).  Lou has added some darling photos of her daughter wearing all these pretty little Boden items to her big review post. 

Boden for Men:

Slubbed Striped T-shirt
Slubbed Stripe T-Shirt.  Lou included a brief review of this top at the big review post.

Okay, I am beat.  This was a long one!  I hope you all are enjoying your (sale) shopping!

Here is a direct link to the sale if you need it: