Sunday, July 14, 2013

Boden: Autumn 2013 Preview 20% Off Ends in One Week...Plus mini Boden picks.

Hey, all!  Happy Sunday.

I arrived safely in North Carolina for part one of my two state trip with the family, but since I have a few (very brief) moments, I thought I would remind you all that the Boden Autumn 2013 Preview ends its 20% off next Sunday, July 21, 2013.  As you all are aware of by now, this is the very first time (at least in my memory) of Boden being so generous with the 20% off during the preview period.  Usually you only receive a few weeks to make your selections to get the 20% off with free ship and returns.  This time they decided that all of us would benefit from receiving the 20% off from the start until the very end of the preview.  I am grateful for this extra time, as I was still weighing which pieces I would like to purchase for our family.  I suspect many of you Boden fans are also super-appreciative, too.  :-)

To receive the 20% off, make sure to put the code PRV3 in the shopping bag page.

I have two more picks posts planned for this week, and I think I will do the rest of the women's choices (including Johnnie b.) either tomorrow or Tuesday.  Today (in this post, below), I will go ahead and do my picks from mini Boden and baby Boden.

I did a few picks way back in early June, you can see that post here.

mini Boden:
Printed Tea Dress.  It is a viscose dress, with a acetate liner, which I am not normally a huge fan of, but gah, this print is beyond adorable, and if you have a little lady in your life who loves conversational prints, this will likely be right up her alley.  The model is wearing this dress, which means it is possible that it will sell out first.  (That is not always the case, though.)

Button Pinafore Dress.  Oh, the Scandinavian floral on this darling cord dress is adorable, and layered with the right tights and tee, will keep your little one warm in the fall and winter, but can also be worn without layers and a pair of sandals for the summer.

Woodland Knitted Dress.  My girl wears her version (from two years ago) all the time, and as she has aged it is becoming a tunic, so it is also very versatile for our growing kids.  This particular style of dress always sells out at Boden, so take note.  It may make sense to get it in preview, just in case, if you want to ensure you receive one at a little bit more off (regular in season % off is between 10 and 15% off).

Fair Isle Cardigan.  This reminds me of the "mom" version in my original Fall picks, so if you would like to matchy-match with your daughter, you could get her this one.  ;-)  Otherwise, it is a wonderful choice for the finicky days of fall, when it is too cool in the morning not to wear something over the outfit, but you don't want something too heavy to carry easily when it warms up by later afternoon.  (The scenario I am describing is definitely an American south situation, this may not be true for where you live, obviously...but who can go wrong choosing a darling knitted cardigan for their little girl?)

Twill Slim Fit Jeans.  I love this print, the darling little stars look like dots from far away.  The grey is a great shade that works with so much, exceedingly perfect with both bright-colored/patterned tops and sweaters.

Ballet Flats.  Oh, oh, oh!  Speaking of stars, aren't these shoes just so cute and twee?  I should get them for CW, she will no doubt exclaim her excitement loudly enough that all the neighbors will know how happy she is...

BTW, if you have smaller feet, these go up to size 37, which is basically a women's size 7.  I have found they run big, too, and back when they sold size 39, I was able to fit in a few pairs of mini Boden shoes (I wear a size 40 or 41 depending on the style in regular Boden).

Decorative Skirt.  Anglophiles everywhere, here is your way to show your love for the UK on your daughter's clothing.  An umbrella, a double decker bus, a cuppa tea, and a black cab, it's all there to show your adoration of all things British.  Well, your little girl will be showing it off, but you can live vicariously through her...

Big Bloom Applique T-Shirt.  Ooh, so girly, right?  A darling Breton done in a pale pink and ivory colorway, plus pretty little floral appliques placed in the middle in a heart shape.  Swoon!

Hotchpotch T-Shirt.  Even though I am shying away from Hotchpotch lately (I used to love wearing this style), I kind of dig this one and wish they had in an adult size.  So pretty and different. 

Pretty Pointelle T-Shirt.  Boden issues some version of this every season, and every season it sells well, but this may be my fave so far.  I love the pretty cap sleeves, with the pretty shirring and gathering detail, plus the color is divine and will work well with so many of the offerings from this fall collection.

Patterned Sweater.  This has me lol-ing, so I included it.  Both my boys could help others understand them better if they wore this out in public. 

Cord Baggies.  If your boys are like mine, you are probably buying pants/shorts/sweats every month or so since they don't ever. stop. growing.  This year I am buying these pants in two colors, and I look forward to having Angus enjoy them in five years time, too.  The drawstring waist is especially beneficial if your boys have narrower torsos compared to their leg length.  (They won't fall down, yay!)

Leather High Tops.  Rex has this pair (they've reissued this color, yay!) and wears them all the time.  They still look brand new, which is wonderful.  It is rare to find leather shoes for kids, and I especially appreciate Boden keeping the price relatively low compared to other retailers who offer leather shoes (cough, cough, J. Crew).

Big Animal Applique T-Shirt.  I actually have friends who wouldn't be able to go near Rex if he wore this t-shirt in their presence.  (Not CW, though, she actually likes snakes.)  I think this shirt is definitely only for the brave, as that snake looks sinister, but if you have a mud/bugs/critters kind of little man in your life, I think you will make their day if you get it for him.

Scribble Print T-Shirt.  Of course Rex is getting this, since I love being corny!  It also has "roarrr" written on it, which will act as a warning for his presence.  ;-)

Big Print T-Shirt.  I will always sing the praises of Boden for little guys, since they are one of the best retailers of their clothing.  Proof is in this particular t-shirt, with its bright orange shade, and retro car print with the Union Jack grill.  Awesome. 

baby Boden:
Applique Apron Pinnie.  Oh, how I wish some of the baby Boden pieces carried over to the mini line.  How darling is this dress with its woodland scene border?  For those of you will teeny little girls, enjoy, and know that CW and me are living vicariously through you all!

Novelty Hat and Mittens Set.  Angus takes off any hat that has no button or tie at the chin.  Boden has heard my plea, and continues to make hats that are winter-proof and baby-proof.  Thank you.  :-)  There is also a darling bunny version, too!

Knitted Jacket.  My husband's co-worker saw Angus wearing a striped minky fabric version of this jacket (bought in 2012) and exclaimed that he would love it if he could get away wearing a jacket that had bear ears.  Well, Boden hasn't yet issued an adult male version, but they have another version for our favorite minis this fall.  (It also comes in girly colors, too.)

Twin Pack Rompers.  I have purchased these for Angus since he has been born, and he wears them multiple times in a month, and after multiple washings and runs through the drier, they still look brand-spanking new.  Plus the cotton is pretty stretchy, so even if your little one is getting a bit bigger, the cotton will stretch just enough to make them still wearable. 

The girl version has adorable elephants holding balloons.  So cute!

Zip-Up All-in-One.  My hubby's coworker may want to wear bear ears, but I wish I could have the adult version of this outfit.  I would happily pad around the house in this, especially since the darling little elephants would put a smile on my face every time.  But alas, I cannot, but the darling little babies wearing it will still be sufficient to upturn any frown.

When I Grow Up T-Shirt.  Let's end here, with a rock star.  I mean, come on, look at this t-shirt.  Amazing, really.  The minds of the Boden designers, they never cease to amuse me.  ;-)

Okay, that's it from my mini and baby Boden picks.  Do you have any to add?  There is quite a lot to choose from!

Also, those of you watching the current clearance sale (it had its second cuts on Friday, btw), I have seen that there have been near daily updates of stock.  I nearly grabbed the one item I had been watching for, but by the time I had inserted my credit card info, it was gone.  Ah, well.  Popbacks, so tempting, and so elusive.  ;-)