Monday, July 21, 2014

Boden: Autumn/Fall 2014 Has Rolled Out!

Good morning! 

Well I know most of you knew this, and so did I, but it is still really exciting to see a new rollout from Boden, especially since they tend to do fewer rollouts than other companies (but still more than their old "four annually" of years past).

I know many of you are hunting for a coupon of some sort, so I wanted to let you know that the affiliate has given me a 15% off with free shipping coupon that is valid once you spend $50 or more.  (That's easy enough to do with the new stuff.  If you are hoping for free shipping for clearance items, then the $50 limit is harder to reach.  BTW, only "current season" items will receive the 15% off.)  That new coupon is at the bottom of this post, in the sidebar, and in any prior posts that I published about the fall rollout (dresses/skirts/pants picks here, coats/shoes/accessories picks here, and knitwear/tops picks here, plus the press day images post here).  I figure google takes a while to get the bots to properly locate the actual "hey, Fall has come to Boden land" post I write every year, and I know everyone wants a coupon, so I will just make it easier on everyone by putting it everywhere it applies.

Okay.  So onto the actual stuff...

1. The layout of the website is similar, but they are now using real models to show off their items instead of the headless woman they had been using for years.  Edda, of old school J. Crew, is there. So yay for that, but I will kind of miss Ms. Headless...I always wondered what she looked like.  Anyone else?

2. Not all the fall items are available today, including the GORGEOUS Sophia dress I had preordered.  I *think* I remember seeing that it was set to debut in late August, so I am not super surprised, but I do want to let you know that if you preordered, some of your items will be on their way to you later than this week.

3. A lot of spring/summer items (in some colors) are now part of the "regular" line, including one of my favorites, the Casual Jersey Dress (review of the peach here--part of the clearance line--and the navy here--regular season).  Hmm.  I think it's fine if Boden wants to keep it as a regular season item, 'cause it is pretty awesome, but ugh on the price.  I mean *hello* on increasing the price.  What?  So take a look at the clearance ones, but I am still giving a huge side eye to this. 

4. The clearance section is fully stocked with a ton of stuff, including a lot of lovelies from last fall.  Those items are decently priced for what you receive, so if you want fall stuff, but can't make the current items work, budget-wise, the clearance section may have something for you.  :-)

5. There is a new tab, called "explore."  This has those features that if your computer is ancient may cause it to explode.  LOL.  They are fun, and show off different items from different views.  I always love looking through these as the Boden team puts a lot of detail in their work.  I sometimes even manage to remember to show the images off here, but that is happening less and less these days.

Okay, that's all for now.  I am spending the. entire. day. on the road going back to Virginia, so it is very doubtful I can answer questions as they come to me, but I will try.  If I can't, sometimes my blog friends who have been Boden fans as long as I have been will jump in with their two cents, which is more than fine by me. 

Tomorrow I hope to be back with more!  You all enjoy looking around, let me know if you see anything that you love or loathe.  Also definitely chime in with your comments on all the new changes over at Boden.

The below coupon is valid on all purchases, but the affiliate program only had these banner type coupons available in mini Boden clothing.  Received the new banners this morning (7/22/14).  Boden doesn't care what you buy Boden does care if you buy clearance only--if you only buy clearance you will not receive free shipping.  In order to receive free shipping, you have to have $50 of regular merchandise in the basket to receive the 15% off and free shipping (but again, no 15% off any clearance).