Thursday, July 10, 2014

Boden: New Cuts to Sale! Up to 60% Off and Free Shipping!

Silky Vintage Top--on sale and back in stock in all colors!

Thanks to an early morning comment from Melanie (and later an email from the affiliate program), I discovered that Boden had made some cuts to their stocks this morning (up to 60% off).  That's awesome!  They even threw in free shipping to the mix!  (AND A BIG RESTOCK, TOO! It was like Boden Christmas 'round there, huh?)

I sort of wondered if they were discovering that a lot of people weren't biting.  I see through the affiliate program lots of things, including how many sales are made through coupons, etc., through this site, and even though my stats have been through the ROOF (like insane amounts of clicking on coupons/item photos/etc.), the sales have been lackluster.  My view is on a very *micro* level, but often what is happening at a micro level is happening at a macro level, and if the Boden folks are comparing this year's numbers to last year's, they may be having little tiny heart attacks over at the headquarters.

I think this season was a success for them, based on the sheer number of out of stock/low stock items on the site, but while all of that success is wonderful, a lot of sale shoppers want a deal, and 10% off an item that could be had in the regular season for 20-30% off is NOT going to entice the deal seekers.  Adding a shipping charge to the mix is even worse.

I personally was willing to buy a few sale items last week at the higher cost since we are heading off to vacation tomorrow and my big boy Rex desperately needed a new swim suit/rash guard/shorts.  Only the Johnnie b. shorts were a great deal, the swimwear was much less of a deal.  BUT--they did arrive early and fit perfectly, so I am not gonna quibble.  The pieces are bound to last him a really long time, too, so the cost per wear is still super cheap.  This is the only reason I bought in this sale, and I am one of the most *prolific* (lol) Boden shoppers out there.

I think this move to second cuts/free shipping/restocking was a very smart move, and I bet there will be more activity overall today.

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Okay, that's all for now, I hope that everyone is having a great day!  Any great deals that you think shouldn't be passed up???