Sunday, July 6, 2014

Boden: Spring/Summer 2014 Clearance Sale Time is Here! Officially!

Pretty Eyelet Dress--Now 30% Off!
UPDATE (7/10/14): There was a round of second cuts today, up to 60% off, and with free shipping!  Yay!  I have updated my sidebar and the coupon at the middle and bottom of this post to include the new coupon. 

Hi, all!  Happy Sunday morning.

Like many Sundays in the years past, Boden has rolled out their big clearance sale for Spring and Summer 2014 items.  Like many sales in the past, some items are at a really great discount (50% off for the Nancy Dress, um, yes, please), while others are definitely not reduced much at all (10% off for the Flower Organza Skirt, um, hmm, no, don't think so).  Like the past, there is no free shipping or returns, but if there comes a code that gives us free shipping, you had better believe I will let you all know, hand on heart.  For now, it is better to get all your favorites in the cart, then purchase since the $10 shipping charge definitely adds up over multiple purchases.

NEW CUTS TO SALE (07/10/14):

Many of you know exactly what you want and are already pushing "purchase" on your carts full of sale goodies, but for those of you that would like a reminder of what this season had to offer for us in terms of fit, color, fabric, etc., you can check out my last few months worth of BWRRs for reviews on items either by myself or by my blog friends.  I have also reviewed a few items since the last BWRR was published, and you can see those reviews for the Embroidered Flower Top (here), the Silky Vintage Top (here), and the Laid Back Dress (here).

I am going to be publishing one last spring/summer 2014 Boden Weekly Review Roundup on Tuesday, so if you would like to have a review included, you can let me know in the Boden Reviews tab, or you can email me at dinagideon AT aim DOT com.  I would love to have a massive review roundup to assist others in their sale shopping! 

For now, I am going to list some of the reviews that I have personally published on items that are either 40% or 50% so you can see the pros and cons of these items.  I won't bother with the 10-30% off for now, but eventually I hope to get those published too.

Chelsea Clutch

Chelsea Clutch (50% off in select colors).  Review here with photos.

Selina Dress
Selina Dress (50% off in select colors).  Latest review on this one here, with a link in post to first review.  Needless to say it didn't work for me, sigh.

Nancy Dress
Nancy Dress (50% off in select colors).  Review on it here.  Worn again here.

Lovely Linen Dress
Lovely Linen Dress (50% off in select colors).  Review on it here.

Abigail Dress
Abigail Dress (50% off in select colors).  Review on it here, with a link in post to first review.  This one did work for me the second go round.

Ariette Dress
Ariette Dress (40% off in select colors).  Latest review on this one here, with a link in post to first review.  Definitely a dud on me.

Button Back Sweater
Button Back Sweater (50% off in select colors).  Review on this one here.

Mid-Heel Wedge
Mid-Heel Wedge (40% off).  Written review here.  Shown in an outfit here (last photos).

Bistro Short
Bistro Shorts (50% off in green floral version)Review here for the green floral (there is a link to two photos in the post).  Review for the navy floral here.  Green floral is a touch bigger, imo. 

Emily Skirt
Emily Skirt (50% off in select colors).  Review here.  Worn in an outfit here.

Smithfield Wool Skirt
Smithfield Skirt (40% off in select colors).  One of my favorites from Fall 2013!  Review here.  Another review here.  Full outfit here.

Embroidered Flower Top
Embroidered Flower Top (40% off in select colors).  Review and outfit here.  I thought the top was 50% off, so that was a mistake of mine in the review post. 

Okay, that's all for now!  Do you spy any great deals?  Let us know in the comments!

Enjoy (sale) shopping!