Thursday, July 17, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Super Sale Edition.

Hi, all!  Long time no talk.  Still in a situation where I am not able to communicate super easily, but I will try to make sure to get back to every comment/question as I can fit it in (we are on vacation, and will be out until Monday).

Anyhow, I did manage to see a reduction in Boden sale prices a couple of days ago and wrote more about it here.  There is no free shipping right now, so please be aware of that.  There are no codes for it, either, so if something you love went on greater sale and is in a "likely to sell out before free shipping comes back," you may have to deal with the $10 shipping charge.  I did pay the charge a few weeks back, and the clothing came SUPER fast from the UK and PA, so maybe they make things more speedy when the money is spent on shipping?  Who knows?

Okay, onto the roundup!

Casual Jersey Dress.  Size 6L.  I bought this one after I fell in LOVE with the peach version I wore here.  You'll note that I did size down to the 6L from the 8L and I don't regret it.  I am NOT returning the peach in the 8L since I think that one, with its more loose fit and lighter coloring is quite nice for church and subbing (read: more modest/conservative).  This navy one is meant to be more of a date night/backyard party one with the darker color and closer fit.  ;-)  My hubby likes both, fwiw.

Length is fab, but I wonder if going with the regular length would have been better for the date night/party look I wanted to achieve.  In the end, I do own a sewing machine and serger, and if at a later date I want to shorten it, I can, so I will keep it rather than exchanging for the 6R.

Side view.  You can see how more fitted it is in this size.  The 8 swung away from my body a bit more.

Back View.  Like the peach version, I like the back view, which happens rarely with my clothing and my pear shaped body.  Sorry, btw, for how dark this photo is...the backlighting messed with my camera's sensor, underexposing some shots and overexposing others.

Casual Jersey Dress
Casual Jersey Dress.  This dress is only at 30% off, so of all the reviews today, this is the one that is barely part of the "super sale," but this color is one of the less popular colors so it is the one that is more greatly reduced.

Flowershow Dress and Summer Fun Dress.  Evi, a blog friend, posted this review (and gave us photos--above) on the Boden Reviews tab.  She writes of the two dresses:

I received the Flowershow Dress and the Summer Fun Dress! The Flowershow Dress is a made of a gorgeous fabric. Many reviews said that the waist is too loose, actually the waist could really be more nipped in but a belt really helps! The Summer Fun Dress is made of linen. In the blue colour it almost looks a bit like light blue denim and it fits me quite well. My measurements are 91cm-71cm-110cm (36"-28"-43") and I`m 170cm (5'6") tall, both dresses are size 12L and fit quite well. I had planned to keep only one of them but now I love them both and can`t decide on one.

Flowershow Dress
Summer Fun Dress
Flowershow Dress and Summer Fun Dress.  Stocks are fairly healthy for the Summer Fun Dress, unless you are a lady who needs long sizes.  Those are selling out.  The price can't be beat...$47.40!  The Flowershow Dress is mostly full stock, barring a few more popular colors. 

Nancy Dress
Nancy Dress.  On Monica and on Lou, you can see why this one is such a favorite amongst all of us Boden fans.  :-)  (I reviewed it a bazillion months ago, I get that I could have had it a super sale price, but I am fine with the 20% off I received since I have worn it a few times since purchasing it.  But for those of you that received it at this awesome sale price, yay!)

Bistro Crop Trousers
Bistro Crop Trouser.  Lou models these for us.  These are a favorite style of hers, and seeing how lovely they fit her, I can understand why.

Maya Maxi
Maya Maxi.  Monica had her eye on this for a long time, and finally it is hers.  The colors are just stunning IRL. 

Holiday Wedge
Holiday Wedges.  You can spy these on Lou in her first review, and as worn with the Nancy Dress.
Leila Ponte Dress
Leila Dress.  Keilalexandra wrote a quickie review of this dress in the last BWRR and she has this to say about the dress:

The bright blue colorway in the Leila Dress is really quite pretty. I returned mine because I ordered the wrong size (I'm a size 0/2 at J.Crew and the size 4 in this dress was too big all-over) and wanted a
lighter-weight fabric for all-season wear, but it would be a great fall/winter dress or all-season for a cooler climate.  

Thank you to all my blog friends who posted reviews on their blogs, posted reviews to here, or emailed me.  :-)

Current Sale Link (still no free shipping, though):