Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Boden: Prices Now Up to 70% Off!

The gif may say "now up to 60% off" but it should read "now up to 70% off."  Bet it is changed by this afternoon.

I am only able to write the briefest of posts since I am currently at the beach and we are just about to head out and let Rex go "surfing" (his version is less surfing, but ah, well), but I did notice that the items I had put in my bag (nothing I wanted to buy, but it is good to have random things in there for reasons like this) had gone down by quite a bit this morning.  For instance, the Nancy Skirt is now $30 from $100 and the Notch Neck Shift (the less popular colors) are $50 from $168.  There are others on the site, too, but those were the ones I immediately noticed.

Anyhow, if you see any really great deals (some of the items in the sale include last winter/fall items and those are at better prices than they were then), go ahead and let us know in the comments.

I should be back later tonight.  Hopefully I can get a BWRR done then with reviews that are of items that are really deeply reduced now.

Enjoy your Wednesday and (sale) shopping!