Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Boden: 25% Off Dresses and Tops! Until Tomorrow Night, Thursday, October 2, 2014!

Well.  Look at that.  Yet another promo from Boden in less than a couple of days.  Not complaining, at all, but I will tell you all that I was surprised to see the email from the affiliate program this morning.  I substitute taught all day, and didn't even have a chance to open up the email properly until I got home, and this is the first point of today I could actually write this post up.  I wish I could have gotten the info to you earlier, but at least there is still a full day left to take advantage of this promotion.

Anyhow, this is all I have to tell you, but I *know* some of you will be excited to partake in this promo.  :-)  There have been a few reviews of dresses and tops in the recent few BWRRs, so take a look at those to see if what you need reviewed was reviewed.

In other news, my own frock creation is live and ready to be voted on over at the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge Sewing Competition.  Do vote for me if you have any desire to participate in things like that.  My own blog post on the little red dress I created is here, btw.

Alrighty, night night.  After a full day with very very very energetic five-year olds, I am ready for some sleep.