Friday, October 24, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Glamour in a Knitted Dress.

Hey, all! 

Before I start, I want to say "hello" to all my new sewing friends.  I realize quite a few people joined this site over the past month or so, and a lot of them may be confused why what they thought was exclusively a sewing blog is anything but a sewing blog.  Clearly I need to explain what's going on here a bit more, so I created an "About Me" page, which can be found below the blog header.  I don't want anyone think that I am trying to fake you all out by sewing in a competition and making you think I will never sew again and all you all will see is a whole bunch of Boden and outfits of the day.  :-)  I am a sewer, and I will be showing off projects again, but this blog is not a sewing blog, nor will it ever exclusively be a sewing blog.  To help any of you that really only want to see sewing projects, I name all of my post titles.  The ones that most sewers will want to see are called "Made by Me Files."  I probably write those up two-three times a month, unless I am being especially fast with my sewing. 

Most people, though, who come to my blog are not sewers, and I would say that my *least* popular posts are my sewing projects.  Most people who come here are Boden fans or people who enjoy seeing outfit of the day posts.  And since this blog was started in 2009, well before I started sewing, I am not going to completely change course of this blog to suit a new sewing reader base.  I LOVE having sewing friends here, but if the blog's intent isn't your thing, I understand that, and respect any decision you make regarding whether you want to stay around or not.  So know that I want you here, but I can't fully commit my blog space to what you may want to exclusively see.  :-)  And for those sewing friends who are enjoying it all, cool! 

Boden Reminders and News:

1. The Boden Spring 2015 Preview was extended a week or so back, so we could continue to enjoy the 20% off with free shipping and returns for a little while longer.  I *still* have not updated my picks post.  I am so bad.  I can blame my children, those darling time sucks, but that's probably a cop out.  ;-)  Hopefully before the code (F9Z8) expires, which is Sunday, October 26, 2014, I can manage to get it properly written up and with the newer items in it, too.

2.  Boden is only running a 15% off with free shipping coupon on my site right now, but I was emailed a promo for 25% off dresses and 15% off everything else.  That coupon expires on Sunday, October 26, 2014.  I will be using it to purchase the correct size for the Hartland Dress (review here) since I lost seven pounds over the last month and now the size I bought is too big everywhere.  I won't return the bigger size until I am sure the smaller size will work, but it is nice to get the new size at a better price.  Use the code 3S9K for the 25% off.

3.  The affiliate program sent me a coupon for new customers, where you will receive a scarf, bag, or socks with your first purchase (it is your choice, I will run all three in my sidebar for you new customers).  I also have the coupons at the bottom of this post, along with the regular one that I always put in the post for you every time I write one of these posts.  If you aren't a new customer, no dice, you can't get the free item, but those of you that can, enjoy! 

Okay, onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Glamorous Knitted Dress.  Size 6 L.  I purchased this size wondering if I should have sized up, but after the weight loss, I think this is the best size for me.  I will say this long is kind of laughable.  If you are truly looking for a longer length, one that hits at the knee or just below, and you are 5'7" or taller, you ain't gonna get it.  This one on me, at 5'8", hits just above the kneecap.  It doesn't look bad, but I personally prefer these fit and flare type dresses to hit right at the mid-knee or just below for proper proportions.

It was cold and rainy when I wore this out to go to dinner with the family (my treat!), and I wanted something that would keep me warm.  It wasn't quite cold enough for tights, but the next time I wear this dress, I think I will style it with a scarf, slim belt, and tights with a pair of boots.  I think that will look very cute, and definitely be nice and warm.

This dress is a sweater knit, but has no wool in it, at all.  It is a combo cotton/viscose/nylon/metallic fibers.  The metallic fibers are the only thing that *might* be itchy.  I thought it was super soft and cozy, but I am not especially sensitive to scratchy fabric.

I think the side view looks nice, I may not fill it out, especially out front, but it does at least show off what little I do have.  Those sleeves are mighty long, which is awesome.  If you have shorter arms, you may want to go with the regular length.

Here is the one place where the dress sort of fails me, the back.  Again, I have a very short back length (the same as on a petite woman--about 15.5 inches), so I nearly always have pooling at the back.  I don't see anyway to fix this, but if any of you sewers have an idea, I am open to it.  There aren't a ton of seams, and with that pattern, I could sew it up without it looking bad.  Let me know if you have ideas.

Glamorous Knitted Dress
Glamorous Knitted Dress.  The sizes are still available in this color, but the blue version is on backorder for nearly all sizes. 

I did write up a review with a close up of the fabric here at this post if you want to see more of it.

Everyday Sweater
Low Heeled Loafer
Charlotte Top
Everyday Sweater, Low Heeled Loafer, and Charlotte Top.  I wore these pieces out and about recently.  Check out this post for more on these items.

Knee socks
Knee Socks.  I wore these with a denim mini, turtleneck, jacket, and tennis shoes.  You can see them in action here.

Skinny Jeans
Skinny Jeans.  Lou wears hers (in indigo) with a darling yellow jacket.  She also wears them here.

The link above is for last spring's version, I can't seem to find this season's.  Hmm...

Cambridge Skirt
Cambridge Skirt. Lou looks fab in her fall ensemble, which includes this skirt.  The boots look especially chic!  :-)

Millie Skirt
Millie Skirt.  Monica is beyond adorable in her squirrel-themed outfit.  Love the whole outfit!

British Tweed Mini
Printed Shirt
Sixties Mini
Pattern Sweater
Ponte Skater Dress
British Tweed Mini, Printed Shirt, Sixties Mini, Pattern Sweater, and Ponte Skater Dress.  A Pear to Remember shows off these four items as part of four very nice outfits.  The tweed mini outfit is probably my favorite!

Zip Top Clutch
Zip Top Clutch.  Liz look very sophisticated in her outfit that she wore recently to cocktails with friends.  She brought the clutch along for a little extra sparkle.  :-)

Jewelled Flats
Jewelled Flats.  My blog friend, Abbi, who blogs at Dorset Fashionista, recently told a few of us about her experience with these shoes.  She writes:

Well these arrived and I loved them so much I wore them last night for a dinner party at my house. So I've just noticed four places on them where jewels have fallen off, and it looks really obvious, not a third world problem I know, but would you even bother getting a replacement? There are threads hanging where the jewels were and I'm thinking if this happened in three hours at home what will happen if I wear them out?

After some discussion, with most of the ladies saying to get a refund, Abbi let us know what she decided:

I'm getting a refund as I just know it would happen again, I only wore them for about three hours and most of that was sitting around the table! Its put me off them, I am over them, I have moved on already.

She also showed us some photos:

So definitely bear this in mind if you order these shoes.  I have ordered them, but in gold, and have not had any of the jewels fall off.  The big stone on the right shoe was wobbly, but after turning it a bit to the right, it became secured.  I will trust they will be okay, but I will be watching them very very closely.

Knot Detail Dress
Knot Detail Dress.  I wore it on CW's birthday, back when it was still nice and summery.  Ah, summer, how I miss your sweet embrace.  ;-)

mini Boden:

Button Pinafore Dress.  Size 7-8.  CW is probably closer to the 6-7 size, but I love having items from mini Boden that will last a few years, so I always size up.  She has had other versions of this dress (here for last year's fall version and here for last year's winter version), and I think this may be one of mini Boden's best garments.  These are well made from hard-wearing corduroy, and are fully lined in a lightweight cotton.  There is an invisible zip in back, and the buttons are well secured at front.

Button Pinafore Dress
Button Pinafore Dress.  This one is selling well, but not in this color.  If you like one of the colors from the fall rollout (this is a winter color above), you may want to grab it sooner than later, since those won't be around at clearance.

Vehicle Applique T-Shirt.  Size 2-3.  Angus is above in the green version, petting the world's most adorable chocolate lab puppy.  Gaw.  So cute.  Anyhow.  The applique is of an excavator, which is Angus's very favorite piece of construction equipment.  We live in an area with constant construction, so he is always seeing his favorite earth mover.  LOL.  The applique is nicely applied, secured well, and from a similar cotton weight fabric that the shirt is made from.  All applique tops we have in our household from Boden last forever.  All of Rex's tees from years ago are now being worn by Angus, and still look new.  So the money you spend now is worth it, especially if you have younger children who could also wear the pieces in the future.

This size fits a bit big, but I am fine with that since it means he can wear it longer.

Vehicle Appliqu� T-Shirt
Vehicle Applique T-Shirt. These are not even close to sold out, except the blue, which has a backorder for two of the sizes.

Okay, all, thank you for sticking around!  Thanks again to all my blog friends for their reviews!  I'll be back tomorrow with another post.

The links below give you new customers a choice of either a scarf, socks, or a bag with your first purchase.  You will also receive 15% off with free shipping.  (Below these three coupons is the one for the rest of us.)

This coupon is for us old-timers. Remember if you want to receive 25% off the dresses, use the code 3S9K. :-)