Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Boden: Winter 2014 New Arrivals Rollout and Extended Spring 2015 Preview!

On Monday, Boden rolled out their winter 2014 new arrivals.  I had a chance to briefly mention it over at my facebook page for the blog, but have not had a chance to update here.  I did, however, update the sidebar coupon, so the one that's over there (--->) is active.  :-)

You have actually already seen two of the items that were in the rollout at this BWRR, the Everyday Sweater (here at Boden), and the Hartland Dress (here at Boden).  That BWRR has the review of both, and I really hope that I am able to wear those as soon as possible.  It has been pretty warm this past week, so it may be a while yet.

I also received the Knee socks (yes, I got the squirrel ones) and they are so cute.  I literally smiled upon pulling them out of their box (they are boxed!).  I'll have to figure out how to wear them without looking too twee, but it shouldn't be that big of a problem.  Those I can wear now, so hopefully the next BWRR I will review them.

In other news, and for this I am grateful to both cc and Tammy, Boden has extended their 20% off with free shipping and returns over at their Spring 2015 Preview site.  I was able to put in a preview order, but it was very last minute, and I wasn't sure I was going to make it.  I bet a lot of people missed out, and when Boden noticed less sales, they extended the sale.  So now the % off is good until October 27, an additional two weeks.  There are also new items, so when I get a chance, I may add a few picks to my picks post and get around to finally writing up my thoughts on the items.  Remember to use the code F9Z8 to receive the 20% off.

Alright, that's all for now.  I have finally finished my last entry for the final challenge of the Fabric Mart Fashion Challenge.  I am guaranteed a win of something (yay!), but since I took a big risk in what I decided to do, I don't know how it will pay off.  :-)  Jackson Pollock is not everyone's cup of tea*, but as soon as I found out what the challenge was (art as inspiration for a garment), I knew *immediately* I wanted to do something with his art as inspiration.  And yes, I painted my textile before I sewed it up into the blouse.  I will write this sewing project up tonight in a "made by me" post.

*I told a friend's mom I was going to be painting my fabric to be evocative of Jackson Pollock's works and she scrunched her face and said, "eww."  LOL.  He clearly polarizes. 

Have a great day, and if you have any picks either from the new winter rollout or the newly added spring 2015 items, definitely list them below!!!