Sunday, October 12, 2014

Boden: Spring 2015 Preview Picks! Oversaturating You All with Everything...

Anyone remember the time when the Boden Previews (and their extra 20% off code) would last for a month?  Yeah, me too.

Since we can't change the date they choose to end the extra 20% off (with free shipping and returns), which is tomorrow night, October 13, 2014, then I guess I had better get my preview picks up today.

We are headed to Richmond for the day, and if I return early enough, I will give these picks some copy so it isn't simply a bunch of pretty pictures and a link to the product page. 

In general, Spring 2015 is a very strong collection.  There are enough repeats of prior styles to please old time Boden customers (hello, Fun Skirt is back), but also a few newer, fresher styles to please those craving something novel (jumpsuit?!?).  The colors and prints are fresh and lively yet retro and are very evocative of what spring and summer 1963 would have looked like with a 2015 twist.  I have a lot on my wishlist, of course, and as soon as you see some of these picks, you won't be surprised by my choices.  I did add some items that I personally wouldn't choose for me but could see being popular for others.  :-)

I have more info on this Spring Preview here at this link, but for those of you who just need the 20% off code, it is F9Z8.

Seatown Shirt Dress. 

Eliza Tunic Dress.

Beatrice Dress. 

Casual Jersey Dress. 

Easy Day Dress.  

Pall Mall Dress.

Wrap Dress.  

Lara Coat.   

Annette Jacket. 

Colour Block Sandal. 

Tassel Point.

Westminster Bag. 


Dip Dye Cashmere Sweater.

French Knot Sweater. 

Knitted Bomber Jacket.

Rainbow Knit Sweater. 

Colette Top.

Favourite Tee.

Marion Top.

The Shirt. 

Uplifting Tee.

Bistro Short. 

Santa Fe Jumpsuit. 

Grace Skirt.

Okay, will be back with some copy later.  You all have a great Sunday.

If you have any picks, definitely let us know in the comments!

BTW, today is the last day of fall/winter 2014 mid-season sale.  To receive an additional 10% off the prices, please use code G2B2.