Monday, October 6, 2014

Boden: Mid-Season Sale Time!

UPDATE!  (10/10/14): Boden has announced an extra 10% off your mid-season sale order by using this code G2B2 in your shopping bag.  Go forth and enjoy!  :-) 

I know that many of you discovered this sale yesterday, since the sale notice was emailed out (at least it was to my emails), but I know that sometimes we miss those things, so I figured it was definitely a good idea to make sure that the awesome readers of this blog knew about the sale, too.  (Just in case, of course!)  Thank you, as well, to Monica, of the great blog Colour Makes People, who let us know that the sale was up and running yesterday.  CC had also mentioned it in a post comment last week, so thank you to her, too!

I did put up the sidebar link to the sale yesterday morning, but that was all I could do since I was feeling pretty bad.  In fact, the me of yesterday almost wrote a blog post entitled "As Sick as an Underdog," since I was feeling like I needed to have a major pity party, but I was so sick and tired that I couldn't even get up the energy to write it.  :-)

Those of you who do care, I came down with a flu of some sort on Saturday (probably due to substituting Kindergarten last week) and I was very achy, with a fever, and chilled.  I still had it on Sunday.  Add that to the fact that I have another round of sewing to go for the next competition, and you have a very blue me.  I fortunately have enough time to sew up my entry (I know exactly what I am going to do), but since I am the only one left who hasn't won one of the weekly competitions yet, I am feeling very much overwhelmed and like an "underdog," so my proposed title for the post was at least sort of witty.  ;-)  Anyhow, who knows what will happen with this week, but I can tell you that even though I am feeling  better this morning, I am still feeling a bit like David battling Goliath.  And there is the inevitable, "why am I putting so much of myself on the line and getting so emotionally invested?"  Why can't I just be all robotic about it and realize that ultimately it is just a competition of sewing clothing and that whether I win anything doesn't matter, since I *like* what I am making, and that should be good enough, right?

Anyhow, thanks for reading my mini dramatic diary above. 

The BWRRs have a few items that may be in this mid-season sale, including the Amy dress, which I wore in this post.  That post also featured a giveaway, which I hopefully can pick the winner from today (obviously couldn't on Saturday or Sunday).  When I do know who has won, I will contact them and make a formal announcement here and at the FB page.

Okay, that's all for now.  Have a great morning!  Talk with you all soon!