Tuesday, October 7, 2014

OOTDs: Summertime Leftovers. And a Giveaway Winner!

Day: Sunday, August 24, 2014.

Where:  Day in DC at the Natural History Museum with the family.

Ease of Wear: (5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  There is a reason why I keep buying the Garnet Hill Tiered Maxi Dresses, they are so comfortable and incredibly easy to wear on hot summer days.  This year's version is slightly shorter (yet more fitted) than last year's (which I wore here last), and while different, I love them both equally the same.

I have had these Boden sandals forever, I don't pull them out as much as I used to, but they do make their way out to see the sunshine at least a few times a year.

Cool Factor: (4 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.)  Pretty and breezy.  Better suited for Maui than DC, but I don't exactly live there, so I'll take here.

Anecdote from the day:  They are redoing the entire dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History museum, but until they are done, they have some temporary exhibits up.  When we were there, this live action dinosaur screen was going and you were part of the action ("Walk Among the Dinosaurs").  The kids ate it up.  I love how CW is gently holding her hand up to the T. Rex, like he wouldn't bite her.  Yeah, right, hon.

Day: Thursday, September 18, 2014.

Where:  CW's birthday dinner.

Ease of Wear: (4.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  I wish I didn't have to wear a cami with the Boden knot detail dress, but since it was dinner out with the family and not a date night, I knew I wanted to be a bit more covered up.  Otherwise the outfit was very comfortable.

I know some of you will want a little review on the knot detail dress (here on sale), so here goes...I took a size 6L, and you can see that it is pretty long, so I only recommend sizing to a long if you are very tall or if you have modesty requirements.  I may have gotten away with the shorter version, but since most of my height is in my legs, it does help balance my frame a bit.  I also think if you stand the wrong way you could potentially get the question, "are you pregnant," so definitely stand up straight, lol.  I actually never mind if people ask, but I am a weirdo like that.  It is usually kids who ask, so I just smile and say, "no."  The dress is well made and very lightweight.  Perfect for summer.  I wore it with a cardigan at night and it looked cute that way, so it could be transitional, too.

Cool Factor: (3.75 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.)  I like this shade of orange on me, but the length keeps it from being a homerun.  That's okay.  :-)

Anecdote from the day:  The sombreros were out again for CW's birthday.  I think outside of my upstairs railing and our outdoor forest no place has seen more of my photography on this blog.  I don't go there for my birthday, but everyone else does, it seems. 

And now for the winner of the giveaway...Aimee Everrett, you are the winner.  I almost *never* enter giveaways until someone enters first because I figure there is no way #1 will ever win, even though I understand chance from my years of math schooling.  Hahaha.  Was I proven wrong--on my own giveaway--which had 153 discrete entries (after I took out duplicates and extra superfluous comments).  Aimee commented first and won the big giveaway.  Chance dictated that #1 has as good a shot as #47 and #122, but I guess seeing it is believing it.

(I even made sure to screen grab the date and time so you could see that I wasn't fudging it!)

Congratulations to you, Aimee!  Enjoy your prize!

Take care, all.  We'll talk soon.

P.S. Thank you to those of you who took time to comment on yesterday's post or email me.  I feel better today, definitely, still feel like I have a bit of an uphill climb, but most assuredly less blue than before.  Your sweet and kind words really helped make me feel a lot better!