Monday, October 8, 2012

Boden: 20% Off Sale Picks!

Yay for a good sale!  :)  I see that this particular sale came at the perfect time, lots of great new items out there, yet still enough left from the autumn collection to make the sale seem especially worthwhile.  (However I did see that a lot disappeared over the weekend, with quite a few sizes and colors going away completely, with the white X box present, the box we all dread!)

Anyhow, there is now officially one day and two hours left for the coupon to be valid, so I figured I should do. my. picks. post. already.

I chose these items because I see that they are very popular and are likely to sell out before clearance time comes OR the items are on a deep discount and the 20% off coupon is on top of the already low price, making the item a great value for money spent.

UPDATE, 10/09/12: (Silver Lining let me know that as of this morning, the extra 20% off the additional savings does not apply--however there is still a total of 20% off regular priced items.  I will change my prices on the affected items, like the autumn trench and the retro top, when I get home this afternoon.)

I did not include any Johnnie b, mini Boden, baby Boden, or Boden for Men in my picks, but if you see something that we should have a look at, please do include it in the comments!!!

The coupon code is at the bottom of this post, as well as in the sidebar.

Autumn Trench.  I adore my spring version of this trench, and think that the green version here is quite lovely, too.  In fact, I am surprised at how many are left, since the one I own sold out in a heartbeat!  Regardless, even if this one does make it to clearance, it is unlikely it will stay long, so if you see a use for it now, buy it now.

The green is $126.72, but if you want real value for your money, buy the black which is now $95.04.

Babycord Shirt Dress.  Okay, I admit, maybe this is in here because I am in love with it.  :)  I especially like that I can nurse Angus while wearing it, and stay warm to boot.  Awesome.  Plus the model looks really cute in the stock photo.

All colors are $78.40, with the solid versions likely to sell out first.

Cashmere Crew Neck Jumper.  Since I know for a fact that Boden's cashmere is amazing, I can recommend it to you and know that I won't have to worry about you all getting holes in it or having massive pills, etc.  The $118.40 price tag is also pretty easy to swallow, considering a stateside retailer sells their cashmere at significantly more (cough, J. Crew, cough).

I adore this light purple shade (clover melange) a whole bunch, and imagine one or two of you could wear it very well (not me, sadly, wrong shade of purple).

Cashmere Roll Neck. Okay, this one is super expensive, but it is made thicker than their other cashmere offerings.  I believe this would be one of those sweaters you drag out every year to take the chill off...which I would have happily worn this morning (it was frigid here with yucky rain).

At $214.40, it is an investment, but again, will definitely stand the test of time.  They offer this in great neutral shades, but I am partial to this grass green color.  Talk about a mood lifter when the skies are bleak.

Chunky Boot Socks.  I just kind of wanted to throw these in because they seem to be party on the inside (happy green/yellow and purple) and business on the outside (navy and olive).  Little bit of fun and function, and at $19.20, a very practical way to get the fun and function.  ;)

Classic Boots.  Okay, these are seeming very popular, and I would bet that the most popular colors of this boot sell out before clearance time, like the black shown above.  They are a bit steep in cost, but like the Cashmere Roll Neck, will definitely stand the test of time.  $214.40.

Crinkle Jersey Shirt.  These have been discounted, so with the additional 20% off, we are seeing a shirt that normally sells out going for far less than it has in the past.  And since I know so many of you LOVE polka dots, why not get the dot on with this blue/grey version?  This particular shade is now $38.08, but if you like the floral versions, those can be had for as little as $32.64.

Embroidered Spot Cardigan.  I hadn't even noticed this cardi in black until I was looking at the knitwear today (a girl's got to have something to do, right, lol?).  I do think this could be a nice topper for many casual outfits, even if the outfit is something as simple as jeans and a white tee.  At $47.04 this is also the cheapest option, and nearly half off of the original price.
Vintage Ponte Dress.  Yeah, this one is unlikely to stick around for long, UNLESS it has major construction issues.  The 2, 4, 6, and 8 of this dress has already sold out, and the other sizes are going to join them.  Although buying it at 20% off helps a bit, it is still a bit expensive at  $110.40, however, since it is Limited Edition, it *seems* less so when compared to the other Limited offerings.

Loulou Dress.  This has been a favorite dress of many of my blog friends, and because I want to try it, I went ahead and ordered it.  The other shades are selling super-fast, but this version still has plenty of stock.  From what I read, this is either a "love" or "hate" dress and it seems that one must try it on to determine which side of the fence they will be on...

$102.40 for all colors.

Notre Dame Skirt.  This is the No. 2 pencil skirt of Boden.  The difference?  It is a touch longer (especially since it is available in long lengths) and is made from a tweedy, textured fabric.  From what I hear from my blog friends, once you buy one, you don't look back.

$94.40 for all colors.  The mid-brown above is selling very well.

Peter Pan Top.  Since this is the year of the Peter Pan collar, why not indulge yourself in a top that can be worn on its own and under sweaters, dresses, and vests?  This one is also very popular amongst Boden aficionadas, and at $62.40 it could be yours, too.  Of course you would have to wait ten (!!!) weeks for it to come off of backorder, but think of spring!  :)

Retro Top.  If you love the Audrey Dress in green but are beyond bummed that is COMPLETELY and UTTERLY sold out, you could get this Retro Top in green to at least sort of get the look.  I could see this looking especially gorgeous with slim cropped wool pants, the sixties heels, and a statement necklace.  Plus the green is $34.80, so compared with the $100 or so that the dress cost, you will feel nearly virtuous.  LOL.  Or to be even more frugal, you could get the vermillion shade for $27.84!!!

(And it is proving to be a hit with my blog friends, too, so there's that...)

Sarah Dress.  I tell you...when Boden puts out a great catalog image, I immediately take notice.  This dress barely mustered a "meh" from me when I saw it in the fall.  But now, in the winter, with the new image, I am definitely rethinking this as a possibility.  Very very pretty AND in a casual, comfortable jersey fabric.  Perfection.  $78.40.

60s Coat.  I have this coming to me in the oyster shade (which has sold out in some sizes, that was fast), but this red shade deserves a look, too.  While winter white will always have a place in my heart, a gorgeous true red coat for the holidays?  Yes, please.  Unlikely that I will get a second coat, but please tell me one of you will so I can live vicariously through you!  $238.40.

Sparkle Jumper.  The magpie in me saw this and went OOH.  It also comes in a creamy shade.  :)  This is $94.40, so a bit steep, but the two shades are quite versatile, and really, who wouldn't want just a bit of bling to help them through their day?

Suede Wedges.  This is the ultimate in practical.  The heel means your look will literally be elevated, but you won't suffer for it.  These are going pretty fast, and at $110.40 for all leather construction, it is priced well, too.

The animal print version are a touch more expensive, but they seem to be around for the long haul, so don't stress about getting them now, unless you need them now, of course.

Wool Skater Skirt.  I think Boden has found a great mix here with this skirt, a little bit of volume, enough length, and in a long-lasting fabric.  Don't expect these to be around till clearance.  $94.40 is a decent price, too.

Okay, that's it!  I hope you all have had a relaxing weekend and I hope that your Tuesday is great, too. 

Here is the link for the coupon, remember it expires tomorrow night at 11:59 pm:
20% off + free shipping & returns