Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boden: Catch of the Day! Dresses, Suits, and Smart Stuff!

Good morning!

This is our third "catch of the day" and I bet this will be, for many of you, your favorite "catch."  After all, Boden is known for wonderful dresses and today focuses on that!

I don't get into the men's section here on this blog, but they are having a sale on suiting, so if you have a man in your life and he needs work appropriate items, that section may be calling your name today. 

There is also a sale on dresses and "smart stuff" for our minis and just beyond the minis, so also check their sales out if you have any need for garments for them.

I hope to make the Boden Weekly Review Roundup today, and if I am able, I will definitely try and get up another dress review (like the Boho dress) and also include a mini Boden dress review.  It would be nice to be timely and appropriate!

(Also, because many of the dresses on sale today have been reviewed by either blog friends or me, definitely either utilize the search button at the top of the blog or scour the prior Boden Review Roundups to see them!)

Okay, so here are my picks...there is only one pick that is more than 30% off, but today is the first day where many items are 30% off (instead of just 15-25%), so I had a lot more to choose from when deciding what to include.

Casual Jersey Shirt Dress.  I have passed this over, again and again, especially since I don't care for the printed versions (although I could see them being beautiful on the right lady).  I didn't realize there was a solid black version.  Although it is not identical to the Jennifer Shirtdress (J. Crew Fall 2007), it reminds me a lot of it, so if you loved that dress and missed out on it, you may want to give this one a try.  Originally this one was $88 and is now $52.80.

Casual Jersey Shirt Dress
Casual Jersey Shirt Dress.  It also has three prints, including the one on the model.  The model's version is also $52.80, while the small floral ditsy printed ones are half off (!!!) at $44.

Colourblock Tunic Dress.  Again, one I passed over, but it looks really lovely on Vanessa Lorenzo in the model shot.  This is not silk, but looks it.  The reviews are also very very positive, so if this style suits you (definitely not me and my pear shape), then today may be the day to give it a try.  It also seems to be work appropriate (if you can get it in the right length).

Colourblock Tunic Dress
Colourblock Tunic Dress.  Vanessa is wearing a brighter version, but doesn't appear too garish or bold.  Originally $128, now $89.60.  The purple shade is selling fast.

Lace Panelled Dress.  I don't know if I love or hate this dress.  From the still shot it looks kind of mumsy and vintage in a bad way, but then I see it styled on the model (with a belt and modern makeup and hair) and I am transfixed.  Definitely has potential, but is it worth the extra effort?  Hmm.  It is all silk, so that is a bonus, and it is a style that I personally have never seen before (although likely sold in shops all around the US and UK in the 1960s).

Lace Panelled Dress
Lace Panelled Dress.  So pretty and special on the model in navy.  Originally $228, now $159.60.

Paisley Print Dress.  I was sure this dress would be a fast seller, but I bet the fact that it is viscose and not silk has turned some folks off.  I know I wouldn't pay full price (or even 15% off) for it, BUT the new price of $138.60 (from $198) is definitely more palatable.  I think the dress is insanely beautiful and imagine that once the sweet spot price is found (it may be today's price), it will start selling well.

Paisley Print Dress
Paisley Print Dress.  Nearly identical on the model, just a bit more colorful in this version.

Stitch Detail Dress.  Now here is a popular dress that has been a staple of Boden's lineup for years...and it is on a pretty good discount today.  Not all colors are this price ($68.60 down from $98), but many of them are.  This fig color is a gorgeous deep raisin (almost a brown purple) that looks great on most skin tones.  And since I know that this dress is a favorite, I can heartily recommend it at the 30% off.

Stitch Detail Dress
Stitch Detail Dress.  The model's printed version doesn't do much for me, but I imagine many of you love that pattern.  :)

Alrighty!  Do you all have any favorites from today's "catch?"  Are there any reviews of any of these items?  Would love to hear all thoughts in the comments!!! Thank you!

For those of you on a mobile device, here is a link directly to the sale.
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