Friday, October 12, 2012

OOTDs: Posting to Prove I Am Alive.

Ha.  I am still alive.  :)  I took a couple days off of facebook, e-mail, and blogging because I couldn't do it.  Ya know?  I think we all have those moments, mine was actually caused by a whole lot of scheduled events taking the place of the time I would have normally had for my virtual self...but even if I hadn't had a whole slew of child- and bowling-centered activities, I may have still taken the time off so I could rejuvenate.

Anyhow, it has been a bit chilly here, especially at the beginning of this week, so most of the outfits below are my attempt at staying warm without having to pull out the parka and hats (seriously saw that on Monday, it wasn't *that* cold, people!)...

How have you all been?  Life taking you away, too?  Keeping the chill at bay with warm cozy sweaters?  ;)

Wore this for a preschool run on Tuesday. :)  The outfit held up insanely well for what I put it through.

The pants (Boden's Zip Ankle Skimmer) I will discuss further in the Boden Weekly Review Roundup (later today, I hope), but if you want a sneak peek, I did a quickie review here at the Facebook page.

The French Hen sweater is delightful, and I really enjoyed wearing it.  It is a size small, which is one size up from my normal extra-small.  I wore a layering tee under it, but the sweater turned out to be less itchy than I anticipated, so I didn't need it...

However, I ended up getting hot, so I took the sweater off at midday and just wore the tee, so I am glad I wore that layer.

Very simple makeup that day.

BTW, those Anthro earrings are heading for my hall of fame, I wear them at least once a week.  At $15, that is a great cost per wear and they are less than a year old.

I went to TJ Maxx during the preschool run (had to grab a play mat for Angus) and I tried on some shoes and a know, because I could...and I fell in deep love with these heels.  They are Kate Spade Jocelyn heels and so swoon-worthy.  However, I left them at the store because I didn't have enough in my account to pay for them, and I figured if they were there when I did get money in the account, it was meant to be...

The jacket is Tory Burch and while very lovely, at $200 (originally $400), I couldn't justify it...this jacket would need to be a-freaking-mazing for me to buy it at that amount.

I look like I smell something bad.
I wore this on Wednesday to take Angus to his Little Gym class.  Oops.  They decided to do tumbling that day, and yeah, even though the jeans are wonderful, they weren't exactly the best pair for tumbling.  Wearing yoga pants the next class.

Now I clearly smell roses.
No bag here in this photo.

So the Kate Spade heels in the photo two up?  I ended up buying them after Angus's class...they were still there...and I had money to cover them.  (There's a moral of the story there, but I am not going to bother mentioning it.)  :)

I wore this yesterday to do yet another preschool run and bowling (mis)adventure.

Dottie is still kicking my butt in bowling, btw, for those of you keeping track.

I blame my bad score on the pants, though.  Turns out I bought last season's Roma trousers too large (but in my usual size 8 Long) and they kept. falling. down.  Agh!  Not good for bowling.  Will delegate these pants as travel pants exclusively as they were insanely comfortable.

Next week, I am going to kick Dottie's bottom and I will wear well-fitting pants to ensure my success.  ;)

I hadn't worn this Liberty of London for Target tunic top in a while, so I was glad to give it another day in the sunshine.

So this one is from Monday and not anything special, but I will tell you that this cowlneck sweatshirt from the J. Crew Factory is awesome.  Unfortunately it was cool enough that even this didn't keep me 100% warm (had to use a blanket when just sitting in my chair). 

I ended up going to the grocery store that night and this kept me warm enough then, but this was where I saw all the crazy people in their parkas.  It was maybe 50 degrees, but no colder.  In parts of Canada people would be in shorts and a tee if it was that warm (admittedly, we are talking about Labrador here, but still!).

CW had chosen these earrings for me, and though I would have normally not chosen them for myself, she ended up picking up a perfect pair.  Love them.  I am definitely going to have her help me style outfits in the future.  ;)

You all have a great day, will be back later!