Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Boden: Boho Dress Review and OOTD. Plus a few quickie dress reviews!

Hi, all!  I am delaying the *official* BWRR by one day because I have fallen under the weather, blegh.  I had intended for this review to be part of this week's BWRR, but instead I will just publish it on its own, so that way you all can see it in real life and take the opportunity to get it during today's dress promo.  I have no idea if the prices will go back up tomorrow, but I do know that you never know with Boden, so better safe than sorry.  :)

I am also including any e-mailed reviews that were sent to me that included dresses, but I will put them in tomorrow's BWRR as well, just to be on the safe side, as some of you may not be as interested in the Boho dress and miss the extra reviews.

Boho Dress.  I bought this during the mid-season sale, I believe, and paid pretty much the price that this dress costs today, so somewhere around $85.  I really dig the Liberty of London type print on the fabric, especially since it reads Art Nouveau to me, which I believe Liberty does particularly well.

The fabric is viscose, so not a favorite of mine, as it reminds me of dresses I wore from Contempo Casuals back in 19-freaking-91, but I couldn't resist the call of the pattern.  Oh, you siren.

This is a size 4 Long, which is TWO whole sizes smaller than my normal Boden dress size.  I read that it was running rather large, especially through the hips and waist, so I knew I would be fine (pear shapes take note!).  In fact, I was able to pull this on without undoing the zipper, so there you go, very large indeed.  If you carry your weight through your torso you may need to size up, but bear in mind there will be a lot of excess fabric throughout the skirt.

From the side.  I have a few issues with this dress, which are most apparent in this photo.  The tie is literally right under my bustline, and since I am nursing, there are points of the day where the tie is on my lower boob (TMI, I know, but for those of you that are busty, you will appreciate that!).  I know that once I stop nursing this will not be an issue, but woah, this tie is HIGH up, almost maternity dress high.

The other issue I have is that the sleeves are SO SO short and the cuff on the sleeve buttons tight enough that I have to unbutton every time I need to take off or put on the dress, which I rarely ever have to do (I have child sized wrists, they are kind of freaky skinny).  I know that many of you will have to keep them unbuttoned, which does not ruin the line of the sleeve, but come on! 

From the back.  I personally do not find the tie super-long like some women on-line did, but in my opinion, I think the tie is sort of silly.  I kind of wish they had nixed the tie belt and shaped the torso a bit more.  You can't even see the tie unless you look closely, so the dress's integrity would not have been compromised by leaving it off.

I am really glad I bought it in the long, the regular would have looked ridiculous at mid-thigh.  That would have definitely messed with the dress's integrity.  Chortle.

I did not wear it like this today, but DEFINITELY will try this look this winter with tights and a chic, elegant coat.  Very retro without being all in your face about it.

(I wore the outfit to pick up my son today and run errands and because it was lovely and warm, the wool cloche was unnecessary.)

Boho Dress
Boho Dress.  Selling well in all the colors except the one I own.  I really love the colorway I have, but maybe people didn't realize that the dress has as much color and life as it does?

Carnaby Dress
Carnaby Dress. Boden blog alert!!! One of my blog friends, Izzywizz, has a wonderful blog and has reviewed for us this dress in peacock. Definitely become a follower if you can!!! :)

Speaking of blog friends, Kendra wrote me an e-mail with many Boden reviews, including these four dress reviews:
Pimlico Dress
Pimlico Dress. Kendra writes of this one:

I love the fit of this dress. I got the 6R (seems to be my "usual" boden size) and it fits perfectly. Hits just below the knee. slimming-- slim fit but not tight or body hugging. I got the blue, which I like with my coloring. However, although I've had this dress for about a month, I haven't worn it-- it is a bit cutesy w/the small flower print, which has deterred me from wearing it to work yet. And it is just starting to get cooler, and this is a leggings and boots dress for me. I have kept this one so far. 

Multi-Stitch Dress
Multi Stitch Dress.  Regarding this one, Kendra has these thoughts:

Have this in navy, size 6R. It's a bit roomy but fits my upside-down-triangle shape well. There's extra fabric in the tummy area, but I don't mind that- I carry any extra weight I have there, and I don't like things to be too fitted in that area. It is a tad more fitted in the hips, which works well for me. Plus, I have broad shoulders and I think a size smaller wouldn't have worked. R length is just above the knee. The cord is soft, velvety and plush, not stiff. The arms are a bit roomy, but I dig this dress- I recommend it highly on sale if it works with your body type! 

Alexa Dress
Alexa Dress. Kendra says of this knitted beauty:

I wanted to love this one. I really did. The dress itself and the knit is gorgeous. Ordered in sz 6 and WAY too big in the tummy/hips area. It was short waisted on me, although the R length was more than long enough. I tried a size 4 and it was way too tight in the arms, ok in the bust, and still too big in the tummy/hips!! I sadly gave up on this one. If you're a pear, it may work perfectly for you!!

Audrey Dress
Audrey Dress. One of my favorites (obviously, lol), Kendra says of this one:

Dina inspired me to try this one. I love it on her, but not me. I got the same kelly green, which is gorgeous, but the front pockets paired with my black plastic frames (I have dry eyes right now so can't wear contacts which is so frustrating!!!!) looked a bit silly together. The dress was snug on me, a bit uncomfortably so (I like my clothes looseish), but sizing up would have probably been too much. The dress in a 6R was also a bit short on me- almost too short for work without boots and tights or leggings. It went back.

Thanks, Izzywizz and Kendra for your wonderful dress reviews!

Okay, that's all, I am off to go take some Nyquil and go to sleep.  ;)