Monday, October 15, 2012

Boden: Catch of the Day! Winter Warmers!

Hi, all!

Well, good Monday morning for all of us Boden fans.  :)

I had mentioned last week that their may be another sale this week, and yep, today is the start of one of our favorite types of sales, the Catch of the Day.  Today's catch of the day focuses on winter warmers, including coats, hats, scarves, some cashmere, and a variety of knitwear.

I am actually out of town until tonight, so I won't be able to do a "picks" post for today's portion of the sale, but I do definitely anticipate being able to do at least a little "picks" section in each day's Catch of the Day blog post.

Some of you may remember a time when the catch of the day items were able to be additionally discounted by whatever coupon was running at the time (like the 15% off one in my sidebar), but in the past few years, this has not been possible, and sadly, it still is not possible.  Sigh!  (But it does mean that Boden is getting more popular, which is kind of like a double-edged sword, you know?)

Anyhow, have a look-see around, and if I get a moment later today, I will at least do a very very brief review of the 60s Coat, which I did receive on Friday before I left town.  (I love it, but with a few caveats--briefly it is tts if you are smaller on top, if you are bigger on top, size up, the shoulders and bustline seem to run narrow.)  It is not part of the items that are 30% off, it is only 15% off, but because it is part of the items listed in the sale, it may end up getting some attention and sell out faster because of that.

Do you see any items that you are interested in?  Do you have any quickie reviews of any of the items?  :)  Do tell in the comments if you get a moment!

Boden's Catch of the Day 10/15 - 10/21: Each day will feature a different discount category. Save up to 30% off top Autumn & Winter items! Use this link to shop at