Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Boden: Catch of the Day! Tuesday Tops!

Or in the case of the three tops I am showing here, more than 30% off!
Hi, all.  :)

As we discovered yesterday, we are back into a "catch of the day" cycle at Boden.  For the next five days, we will be tempted by a variety of clothing items that are up to 30% off (or more, depending).  Unfortunately many of the items presented are on the "up to" spectrum at only 15-25% off.

My thoughts...so much is selling out at Boden this season that Boden can be choosier about what it can and will offer on deeper discount.  For those of us that have been shopping with Boden since it started selling its wares in the United States, this means the days of getting a gorgeous blouse or dress or skirt at an amazing price are probably over.  At least Boden is still willing to give us a discount, because honestly, items like the Audrey Dress could probably sell out at full price, without any amount off.  I am glad to know that Johnnie still gives a discount with free ship and returns because (as many of us know) not all companies do that.

Anyhow, the tops in today's offer are many, but only a handful are at 30% off, and since I didn't really care for any of those styles, I decided to search a little further.

And am I glad I did.  There are three tops just languishing in the section that are really pretty, well rated, and at 50% off today.  I am sort of surprised these three aren't selling well, but maybe they are just unnoticed?  Well, I seek to change their status from dark horse to suddenly popular today.  LOL.  ALL BY MYSELF.  Drunk on power, that's me. ;)

Lavish T-Shirt.  I had actually been eyeing this top for myself in this mouse color.  If you have an overabundance of printed pencil skirts or pants, this top is a perfect topper for the louder bottom (that sounds cheeky, ha).  At 50% off, you could buy both colors and be paying what this top originally cost.

Lavish T-shirt
Lavish T-Shirt.  See it on Helena?  It is navy, another fab versatile colorway for loud bottoms.  ;)

Paloma Top.  Also in the vein of extremely versatile we have the Paloma top in petrol.  This one would likely not be a wonderful match for skirts, but with Boden's Roma Trouser or J. Crew's Minnies and a pair of decorated ballet flats or adorable booties, you have a perfect weekend outfit.  (With no necklace required to boot!)

Paloma Top
Paloma Top.  It is also available in a lighter shade of grey for those of you reluctant to try the deeper teal blue/grey hue.

Juliet Top.  The romantic in me loves this name, but I doubt it was named Juliet after the tragic heroine in the eponymous Shakespeare play, but rather after someone Johnnie B. himself knows in his circle of London friends.

Regardless, this floaty, airy delicately printed top is all silk, and this day and age of rayon and poly-blends, to get an all natural fiber top for half off is pretty incredible.

Juliet Top
Juliet Top.  I actually kind of dig it in the darker shade.  It is unlikely I will buy this top for me, but I have a certain relative in mind that may really like it as a Christmas present.  I hope she isn't reading this post, of course. 

Okay, those are my picks.  Do you have any favorites?  They don't have to be at 30% off or more, it could be a popular item that is a better % off and should be picked up today.  Thanks!!!

Below is a direct link to the sale if you need it.  Don't forget, if you want to pick something up that is not in the sale, the 15% off coupon in my sidebar will work for that.
Boden's Catch of the Day 10/15 - 10/21: Each day will feature a different discount category. Save up to 30% off top Autumn & Winter items! Use this link to shop at BodenUSA.com.