Monday, June 3, 2013

Boden: Autumn 2013 Preview Picks. Dresses. Pants. Knitwear.

Hey, all!

So I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  After announcing that the Boden preview had gone live, my crazy weekend started with multiple birthday parties and a quilt show (!!!), but now that I have a few hours to chill out while Angus and CW play here in the play room, I thought I would get the Boden fall preview picks started.  I plan on doing a few of these and organizing them through categories.  Today the picks will be from dresses, pants/trousers, and knitwear.  (I will be writing on accessories, skirts, tops, shoes, coats, and tunics in two other posts, along with a special mini Boden and Johnnie b. post.)

Okay, remember that to receive the 20% off with free shipping and returns you need to use PRV3 or WPFB on the shopping bag page.  The preview 20% off ends on June 14, which is eleven days from now, so a very quick turnaround on Boden's part (it normally lasts a tiny bit longer).  If you are in the UK, visit Lou's blog where she has all the codes for you, along with some of her own picks.

Onto the picks party, part one...

Ava Dress.  This jersey blend dress is smashing in the light aqua print.  The model looks so beautiful in it, too.

The higher waist may put some of you off, but I can tell you as a lady with barely any "girls," I really appreciate the pleating at the bust to give me some oomph where I really have none.  :)

It comes in longs, but unfortunately no petites.

Boulevard Dress.  I don't know that I am a huge fan of the print on this one, but it is definitely a statement piece for the right woman.  I think the fit could be divine on those women with more straight up and down figures.  (This dress has a J. Crew Jules Dress feel to it, so if that shape worked for you, this one should also work for you.)

The dress is viscose, which isn't bad, but I prefer if they use viscose they use it as a blend (like a viscose/silk or viscose/elastene) since I think viscose does better with other fabrics than on its own.

The model at the top of the post is wearing this dress in the white spot color, and it is beautiful on her.

Daisy Jacquard Dress.  I have been hankering for an orange dress for years, and no one seems to do orange just right.  I will give this pretty frock a try and see if this is the orange dress I have been waiting for.  :)

This dress has such fun detailing, although I am surprised to see this design in a fall dress, especially in the colors they chose for it (they also used a spearmint and light blue).  I think after the success of this spring's Clara Dress, they want to see if they can carry a similar version to success this fall.

Edie Dress.  I recently purchased this fabric from and am planning to make some jeans this fall, I am glad to see that I am on trend with Boden.  :)  It is nearly the same print, just in a jersey blend.

If you are a fan of dandelions like I am, this is probably the right dress for you.  (Of course they call this alium, which is actually not a dandelion, but in my opinion, these florals look way more like dandelions.)

Fancy Embroidered Dress.  I don't know that I love this embroidery on the other two colors (a teal and a gold), but I think the black embroidery looks special on the navy cotton sateen.  I could see a dress like this working well for many of us since it is equally at home at a party, work, or church.

Marilyn Dress.  I saw this one in the lookbook and thought this was a heart print.  It isn't, but rather a stylized version of raindrops.  I feel like this is one of those dresses that works for most shapes, a pretty fit and flare in a stretchy jersey.  I am not sure about the keyhole neckline, and will need to see how it looks on blog friends before I decide for myself.

Mercer Dress.  I know that after all those prints and detailing above, you all are craving a solid, right?  Well, here you go, a nicely shaped dress in a sumptuous color.  :)

I love the model shot, btw, and those shoes are killer with the outfit!

Roll Collar Dress.  The mid-century fan in me adores this dress, even if the shaping may be wrong for my hips.  They do have the measurements up and while it looks like the 8 long would work for me, I hesitate buying until the reviews roll in, however if you are more of an hourglass or inverted triangle shape, this beauty will probably work for you straight out of the packaging.  :)

I may need to try the Monmouth skirt in this print instead.

Tipped Wool Shift.  This is simple, unique, and exceedingly versatile.  It doesn't really look "Boden," but it is nice that Boden can shift away from what makes them recognizable and puts out a frock that will work for women in many different venues, in an understated way.

Not sure I would be able to rock this one, but the wool/elastane blend makes it more likely since the stretch of the elastane could mean that my hips won't feel too squeezed.  Will have to wait for the reviews to roll in and see if it might work, though.

Vanessa Dress.  This dress 100% reminds me of the blurry rose Super 120s dress I own from J. Crew (second outfit).  If you like that one, but would prefer it in this viscose/silk blend, then here you go.  :)

Wool Skater Dress.  Last winter's wool skater skirt sold out very fast, especially the black version.  I suspect this dress version will also sell very well, so if you are a fan of this kind of practical dress, bear that in mind.

Wool Tulip Dress.  The subtle black polka dots on the mid-grey background are just a little punch of fun on an otherwise very serious dress.  Put a darling bow belt at the waist and a pair of brightly colored heels, and you have an outfit that will turn heads, no matter where you are.

Barcelona Cardigan.  I think in this color is amazing, and will go so nicely with all the lovely fall colors that pop up in clothing during the season.  Or it could be your "pop" of color if you choose to go more neutral and classic, say in a dark denim, brogues, and white tee-shirt kind of day.

Fair Isle Yoke Sweater.  Well of course I fell in love with the model image, swoon.  How darling is she sitting there, just so, in a perfect little pencil skirt, heels, and this pretty sweater?  And her kids are so well-behaved in the library (how?  HOW?).

The color I love most, though, is the light grey and orange colorway since fair isle sweaters don't normally come in lighter shades. 

This one was also in the lookbook, in the both the grey and golden shades.

Heritage Sweater.  This is my most favorite item from the rollout.  I know some have declared it is definitely not their style, but in my mind it is all LOVE LOVE LOVE.  :)

Sixties Sweater.  This is the same sweater as I reviewed here.  I found it ran big, so you may want to size down in this one.  This blush melange color is very refreshing, and will suit you well into fall, but will still serve your spring wardrobe, too.

Skye Sweater.  I actually wore this on my trip to Ireland in the navy sparkle color from last winter.  It is a fun sweater and suits many types of outfits.  This red color is amazing, a true red with no hints of blue or yellow the way some reds can be.  If you are someone who loves wearing "real" red, this is your gal.

Here is the Skye sweater on me.  I *must* get my Ireland post done already.  Ridiculous tardiness on my part.  ;)  (Those tights are Boden's, too, and they are back for the fall.  They sold out very fast last year, I was lucky to get these.)

Brasserie Pants.  These trousers not only come in a vibrant wine shade, but they have the fun velvet tuxedo detailing at the side of the pants.  They hit right at the ankle, so your poor ankles will be covered when the cooler weather comes in to stay.

Oh, and ladies with hips, celebrate, since these pants are made with some stretch to the fabric.  :)

Skinny Jeans.  Look at this shocking pink color.  Wow!  I don't know if my bottom half should be showing its curves off in this color, but if you have a nice lower half, I say go for it.  Why not, right?  You only live once!

Wool Bistro Crops.  Okay, your ankles won't be covered in these pants, but your legs should be warm under the wool.  :)  This is the pants version of the wool tulip dress, a most serious form with darling little black polka dots...

Alrighty, that's it for today.  I'll be back with more from the rest of the line later this week.

Do you have any favorites (or not so favorite) from the dresses, pants, or knitwear lines?

P.S. There is quite a bit in the weekly offers this week*, including the Lace Dress, which I reviewed here.  If you use the sidebar coupon (also below), you will receive an additional 15% off your purchase (on top of the already reduced price).

*This may be an extended offer since there is a new coupon in my affiliate program, one that says "sale up to 25%."  When I clicked on that coupon (it's in the sidebar below the 15% off coupon), I still received the 15% off, but was placed at the homepage where the banner excitedly announced the "up to 25% off."  Looks stackable!  :)