Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Making Time for Dresses.

Good Wednesday, everyone.  :)

Today is full of reviews, so I will keep my introductory comments brief.

1. Don't forget that this Friday the 20% off (with free ship and returns) ends over at the Boden Preview site.  I think I will do my order tomorrow night, I really wish we had more time to make our decisions!  My hope is to do at least two more "picks" posts before Friday, which were *supposed* to be published last week (stupid computer messing up, shakes fist!).  The first "picks" post is here.  Don't forget to add the code PRV3 to the shopping bag page to receive the savings.

2. The dresses sale ends tonight.  The 30% off seems to be enticing a lot of Boden fans, because from what I can see, quite a few dresses are now sold out or nearing it with lots of "low stock" boxes.  I have singularly focused on dresses reviews this week, which were in the queue anyhow, it just took a little incentive to get them done already.  :)

Alrighty, onto the review roundup!

Regular Boden:
Amelie Dress.  This must be a popular silhouette since Boden issued it in a spring version this year, this summer version, and has it slated to come out again next fall*.  I see why there is a lot of love for this dress, but I didn't even notice it until it came out in this gorgeous shade of yellow (I admit to maybe having a *thing* for yellow dresses).

I purchased this one in a size 6 long, which is what I typically buy in dresses with a fabric that have "give."  (I buy the 8 long in the dresses whose textiles are woven cottons and silk, though, and size 4 long in those really stretchy jersey maxi dresses.)  It fits nicely throughout with no gaping or places where it is too tight.

If you have a longer torso, this waistline may fall too high on you, but the fall version appears to have changed that, so if you like the look but need a slightly different design, definitely consider that one.

*I would love to get one of the fall ones, since they are made from merino wool, but the brown/black and black/white versions won't work with my coloring, and the navy/wine version looks to much like my LouLou dress.  If they come out with any other shade for the fall, I will definitely be interested.  Hint, hint Johnnie...

Detail shot.  The stripes are a dune shade, fairly close to my skin color.  The coral version of this dress (all sold out but watch for popbacks) has an oyster colored stripe.  I kind of dig the nude stripe, definitely unexpected.  I thought it would be more grey, like the bag I am holding.

I feel for this dress the way I feel about the movie with the same name, LOVE.  :-)

The side view only bothers me a little bit because my girls look teeny here.  LOL.  Gracious. 

Fwiw, my hubby loved this whole look.  The braids, the dress, the makeup, he said I have to wear it again when we go on a date, not just a night out with the kids running errands.

The back bodice is really cool.  Love the way the design meets the waistline there.

Summer Amelie Dress
Summer Amelie Dress.  This one is not gonna make it to a deeper clearance.  If it does, the price is unlikely to get any lower.  That is my PSA for the day.  ;-)

Fabric Mix Dress.  Wore this (in the sand/navy color) last Wednesday for my favorite non-kid event, Winesday!  The link takes you to the one still part of the regular line, the black/grey and coral/purple versions are currently in clearance (for ten dollars less!).

Harbour Island Dress
Harbour Island Dress.  Wore this to go to a tee-ball game and then to a "girls night out."

Tarifa Dress
Tarifa Dress.  The lovely Egyptomaniac has reviewed this gorgeously bright floral dress for us here at this post.

Printed Jersey Tunic
Printed Jersey Tunic.  I love Boden's jersey tunics, but since I already own a half a million (that may be a slight exaggeration, of course), I am depending on my favorite blog friends to buy the new ones and wear them so I can live vicariously through their wardrobes.  Thank you for purchasing this one, sweet Egyptomaniac! 

Pleat Top
Pleat Top.  I love this airy linen top on Egyptomaniac! 

Printed Cardigan.  Izzywizz looks so cute, darling baby bump and all, wearing this pretty cardigan in aqua with a navy blue dress. 

Boden for Men, baby Boden, and mini Boden:
Revere Collar Shirt and Big Applique T-Shirt.  Hey, Mr. Dina has a Boden item!  I pre-ordered this shirt for him back during the summer preview because I know Mr. Dina is a huge fan of Hawaiian style shirts.  (In fact for Christmas I will be attempting to make him one made from this fabric.)  His shirt is the size large, which is fine for him since he has a 36-38 waist (much to his dismay, btw, he misses his 34 inch waistline).  I will say that if he does lose any weight (can't believe he wants to at his size), this shirt will be big on him, but that's okay, since the Hawaiian shirt looks fine a bit loose.  The print is really fun.  We all were in our tropical finest that day since CW and I were wearing the Barbados dress (J. Crew), Rex was in his Creatures of the Deep t-shirt (below).  Only Tiny Angus was in something decidedly not tropical, the puffin being a fan of colder climes.  ;-)

Angus's tee-shirt was another pre-order of mine but from the spring preview.  I thought the color and applique were perfect for my little Nordic man.  I purchased it in the size 12-18 months, but if I had any idea of how big he was set to get over the past six months, I would have sized up to 18-24 months instead.  It fits him, but he is gonna outgrow it soon.  (Sad face.)

Revere Collar Shirt
Big Appliqué T-shirt
Revere Collar Shirt and Big Applique T-Shirt.  Because Boden is trying to get items sold before the big clearance sale comes in July, these two items are selling fast.  I am surprised that the men's items are selling out, but the mini Boden selling out is absolutely no surprise.

Creatures of the Deep T-Shirt.  It is sort of hard to see the applique here, but it is adorable, a huge red octopus holding up a pirate ship. It is really nicely detailed, and as per usual with mini Boden, the tee material is super soft yet durable.  I bought Rex the size 7-8 since he is getting really big for his age, and I wanted him to be able to wear it for at least two more years.  It is a touch wide and a bit long, but like most boys, he doesn't care.

Creatures of the Deep T-shirt
Creatures of the Deep T-Shirt.  This grey version with the big fish is all gone, and Rex's octopus one is fast disappearing, too.  The eel version has some left, but I doubt those will even be there by clearance time.

Okay, that's it for this BWRR!  Enjoy your dress sale shopping.  Thanks, as usual, to all my blog friends for their great reviews!

Below you will find a direct link to the "up to 25% off" sale currently running.  :)