Monday, June 24, 2013

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Stripy Maxi and Rainbows.

Happy Monday, all.  I thought I would get the review roundup done today since I didn't get one done last week and because today is the last day to enjoy the 30% off everything sale going on right now (post on it here).

Since Boden is always promo happy towards the end of the seasons, there is likely another one in the pipeline, so even if you miss out on the 30% off everything sale, there will be something else before the big clearance sale.  (Although it may not be off everything, though.)

Before I get to the review roundup, I wanted to also let you all know that the Shabby Apple giveaway was a success, with 38 discrete entrants.  The winner was #25, Elisabeth.  She and I have connected, and I am very excited to get her the dress she wants!

Onto the roundup!

Regular Boden:
Stripy Maxi.  Size 6 Long.This was the right call for size since it fit nicely through the shoulders but had enough give through the hips.  I wish it was a touch longer, but beggars can't be choosers, I suppose.  I am happy enough that there is a long option.

If I had sized to the 8 long, the top would have been massive on me, since the size 6 long was a bit gapey in the front, meaning that I have to rethink what kind of bra I will wear with it the next time.

You'll have to forgive how tired I look in these photos, btw.  I took them at 7:30 am on Saturday morning, right before going to Rex's last teeball game of the season.  And as per usual, anytime I have to wake up early, Angus woke up demanding cuddling in the middle of the night. Sigh.  ;-)

That belt is sad, huh?  I think I am definitely going to switch it out for something more substantial.  Boden and their belts, they get everything else right, but not that.

I also have plans to wear this dress with a sheer lace top over it, don't know how it would look, but right now, in my mind's eye, looks kind of cool.  We'll see, though.

Proudly showing off my curves.

The cotton jersey is very thick, not the jersey they usually use, which is dense, but more flowy.  This jersey was more like a dressy tee-shirt.

This is a very casual dress, and is not really as appropriate for wearing out for nicer occasions.  Wearing it to a teeball game, the beach, or the amusement park, though, game on...

Stripy Maxi
Stripy Maxi.  This model looks so thin in hers, gotta love models with their strong shoulders and wee wee hips.  Anyhow, she is in the pink version, and there is also a navy/white version. 

The small sizes are almost completely sold out.  Although I technically wear a smaller size, I have curves, so those of you that are blessed with a bit of the bedonkadonk or a bit of the "ladies," I say go for it, especially if you have a need for a casual, pretty, comfortable maxi dress in your closet.

Stripy Breton
Stripy Breton.  Joanna looks beautiful in hers, the lovely lemon color is perfection with her dark locks.  I especially love the way she paired it with crisp white trousers.

Drop Shoulder V-Neck Jumper
Drop Shoulder V-Neck Jumper.  Joanna had been eyeing it in the gold all season, and finally ordered it.  She looks fab in it.  Shame the gold is no longer available, but the mint definitely is...

Leather T-Bar Sandals
Leather T-Bar Sandals.  I had been looking at these sandals wondering if I could make room in the closet for them for my summer wardrobe, and after seeing them on Avril, I have decided it is a yes (although I may wait for the clearance to fully commit).

Seville Dress
Seville Dress.  Lauren PhD wrote a quick review for the blog at this post.  She says of this pretty jersey frock:

I got it in the ultramarine in the recent dress promo and it is to die for! They must have sized down for the model shot because it looks quite clingy on her. Not so! I'm slightly pear shaped with tummy issues and the dress miraculously hid all my lumps and bumps without the use of Spanx. It's so flattering, comfortable, and gorgeous that I really want one in another color, but I can't decide which.

mini Boden:

Tulip Dress.  I ordered CW this dress in the size 5-6 since I know how much she LOVES rainbows.  It was during the last 30% off promo (dresses, skirts, and shoes), so I paid the same price as it is now.   I would say that the $28 is a decent price, especially if your daughter wears her dresses over and over the way my darling girl does.  This dress is NOT jersey, like I thought it was, but it is a pretty lightweight woven cotton, so I am not disappointed.

The print is adorable, and as I suspected, CW loves her new dress (and the pockets, natch).

The fit is decent, bit big through the bodice, but the length and rest of the dress fits very nicely.

Tulip Dress
Tulip Dress.  None of the sizes are sold out, this dress is fully stocked, so you definitely can wait for clearance time, unless you need it sooner.

Okay, all, that's it for today.

Thank you to all my blog friends for participating in this review roundup.  :-)

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