Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sales! Boden and Lands' End!

Hi, all!  I was not away intentionally, my laptop had major issues last week and my brother had to spend a full three days running tests and correcting corrupt files in order for my computer to be back to functioning normally.  (Thank goodness I have a "computer guy" for a brother, I can only imagine how long the repairs would have taken if I had to bring it to a store to get it fixed.)

There have been a lot of sales pop up over the past few days and I have felt bad that I couldn't let you all know about them.  Obviously some of these sales you all will have already known about, but just in case you hadn't heard about them, I figured I would do a full-on roundup of what is out there.

First up is Boden's 30% off all summer dresses sale.  I do not see an end date to this sale, so maybe it is going to stick around until a better sale crops up?   Just got an e-mail that says it ends on Wednesday--midnight.  :)

It appears that this sale applies to all dresses, ladies, baby girls, girls, and teens alike.  :)  Remember that if you wear a smaller ladies' dress size, you can get away with the larger sizes in Johnnie b.  (The lengths run shorter, so bear that in mind if you prefer your dresses end at the knee, though.)

The current "up to" 25% off all items sale (coupon is below and in the sidebar) cannot be stacked with the 30% off, but you can use the coupon to ensure that you receive free shipping with your order (and to receive 25% off anything in your order that is not a dress).

I have a few dress reviews in the queue that I had planned to review earlier this week, but the laptop snafu of 2013 stopped that idea.  Since I have time this morning, I think I will get at least one ootd/review post done for publication today.

Anyhow, there are some beautiful dresses in this sale, including the "new" Cecile Dress, which has mixed fabric "stripes" of solid cotton and eyelet in three summery colors, and the Summer Amelie Dress, which is made from heat-friendly cotton and linen, in a design that flatters most female figures.

For the girls, I love the Tulip Dress and the Broderie Party Dress.  The baby girls will look beyond cute in the Printed Appliqué Dress and the Apron Pinnie.  (I wish that they made those styles in bigger sizes, I miss baby Boden for CW!)  For the teens/women who wear Johnnie b., the Broderie Fifties Dress and Maxi Dress look to be just right for summertime.

This coupon above is good for "up to" 25% off, which means some items in the collection will not be reduced by 25%. I should have some time on Tuesday or Wednesday to do a picks post from the "up to" 25% off sale, with the different tiers of savings highlighted.

For anything that strikes your fancy, check out the past few Boden Weekly Review Roundups, it is very possible that someone in my circle of blog friends published a review of the item you are thinking about.

Lands' End 30% off One
I saw this sale from Lands' End show up a few days ago and now we are at the tail end of it.  :-P

It ends tomorrow, but if you like Lands' End, this may float your boat.  I tend to buy my kids' uniforms from Lands' End, but I have recently purchased a few swimwear pieces from them, and they are very well made for a great price.  I decided to try a girls size 16 plus for my bikini bottoms purchase, since they had the exact color I needed at a very good price, and I am happy to report that the size 16 plus fits nicely, with even a little bit of wiggle room (which means I can probably wear the 14 plus or regular 16).  For reference, I wear an 8 or 10 in both J. Crew and Boden pants/shorts.

I recently decided to accept the Loft affiliate since I have had success with their pieces in the past and they have recently decided to join my affiliate program.  In general I buy basics from them (especially pants) since they fit well and are reasonably priced.  Since the program is fairly new, they have not installed any "coupon" links, but I did see that they are running a one-day only promo of "buy one full priced item, receive one full priced item for 50% off."  I think that a sale like that is useful if you have your eyes fixed on an item that won't stick around till sale time.  (Some of their prettier printed dresses and tops sell out fast.)  Usually most items stick around till sale, but there are definitely times when that hasn't been the case.

There is no need to use a code from the promo, it appears on the main page once you click on over to Loft.  I love that crochet dress above, especially how they styled it on the model.  Adorable!  (Of course it looks like the white one is all sold out, but the tall black version is still fully stocked.)  If you really like the look of the white version, the crochet bib dress is available in white in all sizes, too.

Anyhow, that is it for now.  I am glad I get to say to you all "talk with you soon," and 100% mean it!  :)