Tuesday, June 25, 2013

OOTD/Review: Poppy Printed Mini and a Mini in Printed Poppy.

Hey, all!  Happy Tuesday.  :-)

Up first is the review, followed by the ootd portion.

Factory Printed Mini and Factory Printed Girls' Poet Blouse.  The skirt is a size 10 and the girls' blouse is a size 6-7.

Really glad I sized to the 10, even though I was told the skirt runs a bit big.  It *does* run a bit big, but even with me having the ability to wear this on my hips in the size 10 (would have had  to wear it at my waist in the 8), it is still really short on me.  Not anything scandalous, of course, but not exactly church friendly, either. 

It is made from a lovely cotton sateen in one of my favorite prints from last year (that made it onto a scarf, a bathing suit, and something else that escapes me now).  I didn't grab the scarf like I should have when I reviewed here at this post, but I did grab the bikini.  I still feel the baby weight, so I haven't pulled that one out (one day, I hope to, though).  I was thrilled to see the factory had re-issued it in both women and girls items, and with the original promo of 40% off, I decided that I could grab both my piece and CW's without feeling like I had broken the budget.

Some of you will hate the back zip, since it is prominent and exposed.  It didn't bother me, but since I have to wear the skirt so low, I have to cover up the waist of the skirt anyhow.

There appears to be about two inches of hem that could be let out, and if I end up gaining any weight in my mid-section, I will have to pull the hem down if I have to wear this baby at my waist.

CW's blouse I sized up on which gives her a bit of a romantic tunic look, but as she gets older it will be a plain ole blouse.  I love that girls can get away with this kind of styling, my boys at least can share clothes, so if I have to buy something for Rex that is true to size, I know Angus can one day wear it, too.

The blouse is a very sheer silk/cotton blend, definitely not tomboy friendly, just a word of warning.  The blouse is lined fully in a cotton, so no worries on modesty, but that lining is not going to make that silk/cotton any sturdier.

Day: Friday, June 21, 2013.

Where:  Seriously?  You all can figure it out, right?  Just in case you can't, we were at the new movie "Monsters University" with our two oldest.  Angus sat this one out, you know, 'cause I actually wanted to watch the movie and not spend the whole time wrangling him.

Ease of Wear: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  Very comfortable, especially since I didn't feel any pinching from the skirt.  Sizing up is a great idea if you want to be super comfortable.

I had my special lady friend visiting that day and honestly, most outfits feel awful when she comes.  I was spectacularly pleased with how good I felt, regardless of my condition.

Cool Factor: (3 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest.)  It is a very preppy look, pretty, but not cutting edge or trendy or super stylish.  That's fine with me.  My mini me gets a 4 out of 5, though.

Anecdote from the day:  Monsters University is a great film.  I saw Monsters, Inc. when it came out way back in the day (back when Mr. Dina and I were first together), and I remember wanting to have a little girl just like Boo when I had kids.  I have to say my little lady reminds me a lot of Boo, so I think I was blessed with my wish.

We are such fans of the Monsters that we own quite a few toys (remember, Mr. Dina collects action figures) and have been to the Monsters, Inc. ride at California Adventure.  (If you ever get a chance to go on that ride, it is awesome!)  We had wanted to see the movie the night before, since it came out on Thursday night, but we had to wait till my dad could take Angus.

Okay, that's it.

I am not going to do a post on this, but I did announce it on FB earlier today.  Boden is a having a 40% off 40 items promo right now.  There are some cute items in the sale, including the Sparkle Cotton Top, which I reviewed here

Have a great night!