Friday, June 14, 2013

Boden: Preview News (It's Good!) and Tops/Tees Sale!

I received an e-mail from Lou (from the awesome What Lou Wore 365) yesterday that let me know that the UK preview site had pushed expiration of the 20% off with free ship and returns until July 21, 2013.  Well, now, that's pretty darn awesome.  I had hoped they would extend a fair bit beyond original date of expiration (was supposed to be tonight), but only expected that would be until late June at the latest!  They did extend them as of this morning over at the US site, so yay for us Yanks! (You can use either WPFB or PRV3 to receive the 20% off, btw, they both have been extended!)

Anyhow, I did place one order on Wednesday, but appreciate that I have some time to mull over what I am choosing for the rest of my order.  Also, and this is very self-centered, I am glad I have more time to do the rest of the "picks" posts since I am currently making two pieced/appliqued/labor-intensive decorative pillows for a wedding present right now (wedding is tomorrow).  ;-)

In other Boden news, there is a 30% off all tops and tees promo going on, and this is especially good news if you are a mom of little ones since mini and baby Boden are some of the best made tees out there (you can see two of them in this week's BWRR).  In order to receive free shipping, remember to click on the current coupon link at the bottom of this post.  This promo is set to expire next Wednesday.

Alright, off to do about a million-bagazillion things today.  Costco counts for at least the "bagazil" in that number, amiright?

Link to the current promo code (it says mini Boden, but it can be used for everything):