Monday, May 26, 2014

Boden: 25% Off!

So this image has nothing to do with the 25% off sale (well except those items above are on sale).  I just thought it was so precious!  I actually wore the green version of the Silky Vintage Top this weekend, it is really cute IRL.

Hello, and a Happy Memorial Day to all my American friends.  Here in the DC area every Memorial Day is marked by the sound of Rolling Thunder, which allows us to have a audible reminder of the service the men and women of our armed forces have given to our country during its history.  They specifically ride to honor all captured troops (POW/MIA), btw, but the reminder of all our troops' service is not lost in their ride.  I love it all, and look forward to seeing all the men and women on their loud motorcycles come in once a year, flags whipping in the wind behind them.  Very cool.  However you plan to celebrate, do enjoy!

Okay, so I announced on Saturday that Boden had started the 25% off sale very early (two days to be exact).  They had started the 30% off dresses sale on time but the 25% off everything else sale was not supposed to happen the same day as the start of the dresses sale.  Whoops!

Oh, well.  They didn't end up pulling the sale yesterday or on Saturday, but I can officially announce that the sale is going on today.  :-)  It is slated to stick around for a while, which is great since popbacks can happen at anytime.  (I will probably announce any sightings of popbacks at my facebook page--here on the blog it takes too long to get posts up, etc.  So if you want to follow over there, go ahead on over and check it out.)

The 30% off dresses sale ends on Friday, I believe, so that is more limited than this 25% off sale.  From what I can tell, the sale is working on dresses, and a lot of the very popular dresses are losing stock F.A.S.T.  There will likely be popbacks in dresses, but just as a reminder, if you see the color/size you want and it is in a pink "low stock" box, that means there are less than five available.

Alrighty, off to enjoy my Memorial Day.  Will be back this week with outfit posts.  As much as I love these Boden sale posts, they seem to come quickly and in spurts, lol.  And since I usually only have enough time in my day for one post (if that, being honest with myself here), I push the outfit posts to the backburner.  ;-P

There is a link to the sale in the sidebar, but I have put one below, too.