Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Boden: Autumn/Fall 2014 Preview Picks (Dresses, Pants, Skirts, and Tunics).

The Sophia Dress is definitely one of my picks for fall!  I love their spring version a lot, but this fall version is amazing.
UPDATE (July 21, 2014): Some of the fall 2014 items have rolled out, including many of the below.  I have received a coupon from the people at the affiliate program.  You can find it below this first paragraph or in the sidebar of the blog if you need a coupon.  I will eventually be updating this post with proper links to the items that are available, so you can easily find the items you love below on the regular site.  :-)

15% off with free shipping coupon that is valid once you spend $50 or more!

Hi, all!  Happy Wednesday!  Usually I try to do a singular picks post for the Previews, but right now, because of the work schedule I have (subbing this week and next), I need to stagger out my picks.  So today I am going to publish my dresses, pants, skirts, and tunics picks from the fall 2014 rollout.  The next one will likely be on tops, shirts, and knitwear.  Then I will publish the accessories, shoes, and jackets/coats one.  Eventually I will also do a mini Boden picks, too.  :-)

Speaking of mini Boden, their lines were added to the preview last week.  Most of you knew that, but I figure it never hurts to mention it again.  There are no Johnnie b. or mens items in the preview, though, for whatever reason.

As per usual, there is a code for 20% off with free ship and returns which will expire next Friday, May 23, 2014.  I will make sure to publish a post on that Friday to remind you all that the code is expiring so you don't forget.  The code is H6G9

Amy Dress.  Fabulous!  A retro dress silhouette in a mod plaid print?  And in a stretchy cotton sateen?  Yes, please!

Elena Dress.  Wasn't sold on it as it stands, but it really suits the model (and looks like it could suit a variety of shapes), so I added this one to my picks, as well.  Comes in three shades.

Harriet Dress.  This one is getting a lot of buzz over at the Boden Facebook page.  I like it and can see the appeal, but since I already own a few jacquard dresses from them, I need to just say "no" to this daisy wonder.

Milano Dress.  The other versions of this colorblocked knit dress do not appeal to me AT ALL, but I really love this subtler version, less in your face.  (I know how ridiculous it seems that a girl who proudly wears huge bright florals all over her body would balk at brightly colored colorblocking, lol.)

LOVE this particular silhouette for subbing/teaching, especially.

Natalia Dress.  Intrigued by this dress, don't know that it would suit me, but I kind of dig it from afar.  Will not even attempt it until others have since I have to know more about how that skirt would lie on a pair of hips like mine.

Warning--this is a viscose woven, which means eventual shrinkage.  Definitely size up.  (Of course I say that and all the reviews come back that it is huge and two sizes to big everywhere.)  :-)

Ottoman Shift.  Wow, this is a beautiful shade of blue.  The shape and pockets are so lovely, as well.  Again, no way would this shape work on me, but I will happily live vicariously through you all.

Retro Tunic Dress.  I put this in the picks, 'cause if I know one thing there are a lot of you blog readers who really really like Boden's bright and bold prints, and are super excited that for all of Boden's sartorial "maturing" over the past years, Boden has kept enough of its "fun" to keep you all around.  ;-)

Sophia Dress.  Swoon.  In basket and soon to be checked out.  LOVE!

Bistro Pants.  This pair of pants are certainly fine looking.  The metallic jacquard fabric is very mod and mid-century, and would suit so many tops/sweaters/jackets paired with it.  These are a touch expensive, so I will have to hold out for a good sale (hello, catch of the day, pretty please), but hopefully they will be in my closet in the very best size for my body.  (Sadly, Boden's pants don't often fit me, so as much as I really want these, reality does remind me that I probably wouldn't be able to keep them.)

Skinny Jeans.  This pink cord fabric is wonderful.  From far away, it appears somewhat sedate, but close up you see the pretty tile pattern.  For those of you that like pink for fall, these may be the pair of pants for you.

Fancy Embroidered A-Line.  Again, peeps who love Boden being "fun," here is a great skirt just for you.  The lines on this skirt are embroidered, so the texture is there, just hard to see right away.

Lois Skirt.  This is so early 70s, my goodness.  But I love it.  I think you will either love or hate this skirt, really no in-between, I imagine.

British Tweed Mini.  This tweed reminds me of my pink J. Crew Bella jacket (last worn here).  I love that delicious shade of pink so much that I am glad to see this for sale from Boden!  I would have to wait for a sale, but if a good price comes along, and the stocks are still available, I probably will bite on this one.

Easy Scoop Tunic.  Technically the length makes it more of a dress, but I think pairing this with leggings and boots makes more sense since it appears very casual.  Of course you could dress it up, but I really prefer it for days out tromping around in nature, because you know *taking things literally*.

Must Have Tunic.  I must have this tunic, it's true.  Again, tromp around in nature.  LOL.  I have deer in my backyard.  Maybe I can go frolic with them one day when out taking a walk.  Hmm.

So what say you?  Are you inspired by the offerings or are you in the mindset that things are a bit meh in Boden town?  I feel the above set of clothes, while beautiful, seem a bit blah overall.  Not that this stops me from ever enjoying what they have to offer, of course.  For what's it worth, I don't feel the same way about the knitwear, tops, and coats offerings.  There is quite a bit of amazing happening over there in those lines.

From the above picks, the only ones I truly want for fall are the Milano Dress, the Sophia Dress, the Amy Dress, and the Must Have Tunic.  Other things will likely fall into my bag when the season officially rolls out in July/August, but for now, that's it for me from the dresses, pants, skirts, and tunics.

Alrighty, hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday!