Thursday, May 8, 2014

Boden: Autumn/Fall and Winter 2014 Press Day Images!

UPDATE (July 21, 2014): Some of the fall 2014 items have rolled out, including many of the below.  I have received a coupon from the people at the affiliate program.  You can find it below this first paragraph or in the sidebar of the blog if you need a coupon.  I will eventually be updating this post with proper links to the items that are available, so you can easily find the items you love below on the regular site.  :-)

UPDATE (July 22, 2014): I added direct links to the Boden site for the items that are available now.  Some of these items are autumn items that will be released in August, and as those get rolled out, I will update them then.  Some of these are winter items, and those won't be out until September (at the earliest), but again, once those are rolled out, I will update the post with the correct links.  The mini Boden items will be linked, as well, but that will be on the back burner for a couple of days until I can find more time.

Regarding this below coupon, you need to click through it to receive the 15% off with free shipping, but you need to spend more than $50 on current season items.  The links that are below will get you to the item page, but will erase this coupon's coding, so after taking a look-see round, you need to come back up here or go to the sidebar to reactivate the coupon.

Well, I knew that London would host the Press Day before NYC, but I couldn't remember which day.  Opening up the Boden FB page today I saw a lot of great images, and the kind people at the FB page prompted us to open up their Pinterest page for more.  And by more, they meant a gazillion.  I have saved quite a few of the images, but not all, so if you want to see more, definitely head over to their page and see them for yourself.

Where possible, I linked to any item available right now on the preview site.  From what I understand, mini Boden *will* be available for preorder, but not for a couple of days.  When it does come available on the Boden Preview site, I will make sure to update this post with the proper links.

Enjoy all these, and if you want to share your favorites, please do comment below!

The image above comes straight from the FB site, and is a compilation of three of the press images.  I have saved the far left outfit image, which you will see a bit later in this post.

The middle image showcases the Lottie Coat (here) and the Mary Jane (here).  The far right outfit showcases the Ledbury Pea Coat (here) and the Sixties Slingback (here).

Amy Dress (here).  I am sorely tempted by this dress.  Adorable, and made from all cotton, rather than *I shrink therefore I am* viscose. (PLEASE NO PENCIL SKIRT LINING, Mr. Boden!)

Autumn Trench (here).  Ooh, see, I didn't even notice this one until I saw the press images.  It is *very* hidden on the Preview site.  So cute.  Love the little birdies jauntily placed!

Eliza Coat (here).  Hi.  My name is dinagideon and I have a sickness.  A sickness for pink coats.  It is ridiculous that I want this coat, yet its over the top feminine shape and retro styling make me salivate.  Oh, you pink temptress you.

Pattern Sweater (here), Ledbury Pea Coat (here), and Brogued Chelsea Boot (here).  This outfit is very chic.  But the little British guards are very Boden, so yay for keeping true to the "fun."

Sophia Dress (apparently coming in August, though mine shipped in late July?).  This exists in the summer collection too (here) and is darling, but I am glad I waited since I think this version above will suit my needs more in the fall.  I definitely could see wearing this subbing next year.

Merino Crew Neck Sweater (here), Lois Skirt (here), and Flat T-Bar Point (here).  This outfit is great in execution, but I am not a huge fan of this color skirt with the sweater.  That said, it looks wonderful on the model.  :-)

Intarsia Plaid Sweater (here) and Lois Skirt (here).  You either love this or hate this.  I don't hate it completely, but I know if I wore this, Mr. White Tennis Shoes, aka Mr. Dina, would 100% give me the side eye.  I love the two pieces, but not together.  Not enough for me to give this beautiful model the side eye, though...

The Shirt (here) and Lois Skirt (here)Neither of these is available in the Fall Preview, so either they haven't been put on the site yet, or these are for Winter 2014.  I originally thought the skirt may be the Notre Dame skirt, but this skirt is a different colorway and has pockets.  (Big thanks to blog friends CC and levbacon for pointing out what these two items were for me!!!)

Ingrid Coat and Harriet Dress (here).  The coat is exactly the same as my coat from last winter, except in a pretty blue shade.  At least I am pretty sure it is exactly the same.  :-)  The coat must be from the Winter preview, and not this fall.  The dress is available for preorder right now, though. 

This image is from FB, btw, which is why the image quality is less awesome.  But who cares?  We still can see the pretty!

Ingrid Coat.  See, this is why I am really certain that the blue one in the last photo is the Ingrid Coat.  This one in gold definitely has the same darts (neck darting and french bust darting) as my version from last year (see my review of it here).  Not on the Autumn preview site, so will probably be available for preorder in a few months with the winter preview.

I am such a magpie I immediately saw these (the silver ones, not the black ones) and was all, "oh, yes, pretty please," but at the FB page a lot of women are repulsed.  LOL.  To each their own, yes?

I want to name them the Spangly Disco Pointed Ballet Flats, but I am sure Johnnie and co. will name them something more appropriate like the Elsa Flat (which would be appropriate since Elsa is the Ice Queen and could definitely rock these shoes).

Bird Inspired Items!  Here the are featuring the Easy Scoop Tunic (here), and the Pattern Sweater (here).  The boots and scarf (this color, anyhow) are not in the preview.

Animal Print Items!  These include the Jackie Heels (here), the Block Heel Slipper (here), the Lace Up (here), the Flat T-bar Point (here), the Printed Scarf (here), and the Bistro Pant (here).  The zip top clutch is not available in this version yet, but will likely be part of the Winter preview.

A look at the colors that inspired Boden for this fall and winter collection.  Very pretty.  Love the mushy peas, sprout, rosewater, and citrine color.  I am sure that surprises you all.  ;-)

Above is the story board photos of (from top to bottom) baby Boden boys, baby Boden girls, Johnnie b. boys, Johnnie b. girls, mini Boden boys, and mini Boden girls.

These items will eventually appear in the Fall Preview, and when they do I will update the photos with proper links.

There were a lot of mini Boden girls outfits over at the Pinterest page, but I only saved this one because those fox tights are just too sweet.  Very cute and must grab them for CW.  :-)

A closer look at the prints of mini Boden Fall 2014.  The hedgehog/squirrel print is precious!

Okay, that's it!!!  Remember to comment if you have something to say about the press day.  Also, if you are planning on preordering, remember to use the code H6G9 on your shopping bag page for 20% off with free ship and returns.

Talk soon!!!