Saturday, May 24, 2014

Boden: 30% Off Dresses!

Hello!  Happy Holiday Weekend!

So if this misses you, I am so sorry, but I also figured that if I didn't tell you about this, I would feel terrible, especially if you are someone who was hoping for a good price on an item that you had been waiting for...

To start, the folks at Boden have started a 30% off dresses promotion, which is great, and is an especially good deal if you wanted to get a popback dress and it pops back in your size and color before this promotion ends.  I gather the dresses promo is ending next Friday night, since it started this morning.  I could be wrong, and if so, I will amend this post.

I went ahead and purchased the Casual Jersey Dress and the Laid Back Dress since those two are in pretty good demand, so I will be pleased if the two sizes I purchased fit me and work for my frame.  Unfortunately for Boden if they don't work, I am not even bothering with exchanging since the exchanges I have made this season have not worked for me, including the Selina dress (will get to the second review soon--first is here at this link) and the Ariette dress (again, will get to the second review soon--first is here at this link).  I am just really pissy that Boden's sizing has been so wacky this season that I need to send a message of "not standing for it" if the online garment measurements and what I received are off again.  Based on the charts, the Casual Jersey dress should be just loose enough (but not too big) in the 8L, and the Laid Back dress will be a bit loose through the chest and waist, but will fit my hips in the 8L.  (I am okay with the Laid Back dress being a loose shift style since my most recent sewing project was just like that and I love the way it wears and feels.)

Okay, enough on the dresses.  If you have a desire to see a dress on me or someone else, there have been many reviews of dresses this season over at the BWRRs, so take a look there, just in case.

In addition to reading prior BWRRs for the dress reviews, you may also want to look at them for other clothing items since (and this is probably a mistake) Boden has put the 25% off everything banner on their homepage as well.  I went to the site with my sidebar coupon (which is for 15% off) and ended up seeing what is in the screengrab up top.  (Take a look...I have never seen competing banners before!)  Anyhow, this promo is not set to start until Monday, based on what I see over at the affiliate program, but for some of you, grabbing what you want today (as long as the 25% off stays active) may mean you get what you want before someone else does.  I don't need anything, so I didn't join in, except to buy the Crystal Hairclip (stupid thick hair does better with big clips like that--and it is so pretty).  But for a lot of you, I think this is the % off you wanted to see before diving in...

Just so you know, the 25% off may get pulled, and if it does, I will correct this post.

Okay, you all have a great weekend. 

Below is the current promo, and the one I used to get to the homepage above.