Monday, May 12, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: Lovely Linen.

So I have been a bad Boden blogger and it has been almost a month since my last BWRR.  At least I have kept up with sale alerts and preview info, but ugh.  Forgiveness, please!

UK blog friends, before I start, I went to an Elbow concert last night, and after reading this article about Elbow touring here in the US, I realized how lucky my husband and I have been all these years.  The venue we go to see them in is very small and intimate and you can get super close to the band without any issue.  From what I understand, Elbow is way more popular in your country, so if you are an Elbow fan, we definitely enjoyed last night's concert enough for you all.  :-)  This was the second or third time I have seen them live (we can't remember which, 'cause you know, old), but my husband has seen them at every concert they have put on here in DC, so he is especially lucky.  When Guy Garvey asked who in the audience had been there for their 2002 show, maybe five people shouted loudly, including Mr. Dina.  Yeah, he's a bit of a fanboy.  The only thing that even comes close to that for me is when I saw Blur in 1996 with (not even kidding here) 200 other DC area people.  That's it.  200 people.  For Blur.

News since the last BWRR:

1. Last Wednesday, Boden held a huge press day in London for the Autumn/Fall/Winter 2014 collection.  There was a lot of yummy goodies, and I was able to write up a post with some of my most favorite images from the day.  There are also links at that post to the Pinterest page with even more images.  Note that the Preview site only has autumn/fall items, some of the winter items will be previewed at the preview site later this summer.

2. Speaking of the preview site, mini Boden has rolled out their items on the Preview site.  Because I am so SLOW, I haven't even done my picks post for the women's items, but I will be doing so this week.  I will also do a small mini Boden picks post, as well.  There is a preview 20% off code, which includes free shipping and returns.  To receive that, make sure to put the code H6G9 in the shopping bag page.  This code is good until May 23, 2014.

3. I might be a slow blogger, but three of my blog friends are not.  Liz, Monica, and Jacquelyn have written up their picks from the preview, you can see Liz's here, you can view Monica's here, and you can see two of Jacquelyn's favorites here

4. If what you want is from the current Spring or Summer line, though, don't worry, there are coupons out there for you all, too.  My affiliate program has a current one running (at the bottom of this post and in the sidebar) for 15% off with free shipping and returns. 

Regular Boden:
Lovely Linen Dress.  Size 6 L. Purchased this during the preview, and unlike some of the other items I bought, this one fit well right out of the box.  The skirt's lining (a thin cotton) also mirrored the shape of the skirt of the dress, so I didn't feel like a sausage underneath.

There is a warning, though, for larger chested ladies (or ladies with broader shoulders).  This dress has a very wee bust/shoulder for size.  I seriously have nothing up top and my shoulders are narrow, and I felt a bit constrained.  Nothing that would push me to purchasing the next size up, but until the linen gave a little bit (it always does, fwiw), it was a touch tight.  The waist and hips, though, were fine.

Side View.  It has pockets (awesome), the length is wonderful right at the knee, and the print is so special and very Boden.

Granted, I must own a thousand (okay, maybe 10, lol) yellow dresses from Boden, but I still am keeping this one.  In fact, I think I may just pluck an older yellow dress from my wardrobe and sell/consign it to make up for the fact that I purchased yet another yellow frock for my closet.

The dress received a lot of compliments that day (I was hosting/setting up a manners tea at my daughter's school), and everyone wanted to know where it was from, so in real life, it appeals to many people.

Back View.  The keyhole closure is a nice touch, and *kind of* makes up for the fact that there is a side zip.  Sigh.

Note on bodice length--it is perfect for me, but I have a short back length (neck to waist), so this bodice also may be too short for some of you.

The linen does wrinkle, but not as much as some linen items I own.  I think the full skirt and cotton lining help with that.

Lovely Linen Dress
Lovely Linen Dress.  Stocks are backordered for this yellow shade and in the blue shade, plus it is sold out in a few of the white sizes.

Bit blurry, but will get it scanned properly soon.
Santorini Sundress.  I wrote up a review here at this ootd/review post, but I received the above photo as a mother's day gift from the coach's wife on Saturday, and the photo was so cute, I thought I should share it with you all here. :-)

Santorini Sundress
Santorini Sundress.  The stocks are definitely low.  The colors and sizes pop back, but buy it when you see it in your size since this dress is proving popular.

Long Sleeve Breton
Long Sleeve BretonSee the Breton styled *just so* by Avril.  Very chic, Avril!  It also was featured as part of an outfit here.

Trea (a blog friend making her debut here in this roundup) wore her yellow version recently.  Very cute.  She has just recently had a baby girl, and speaking of cute...

Crinkle Holiday Dress
Crinkle Holiday Dress.  Egyptomaniac looks so ready for summer in her gorgeous new cotton printed dress (third photo). 

Millie Top
Millie Top.  Lisa is dotted in her cute linen top.  Looks great with a simple pair of jeans a pair of (open toe!) heels.

Everyday Tunic
Everyday Tunic.  Lisa can wear hers as a dress.  Color me jealous.  She looks amazing it it!  :-)

Chelsea Clutch
Chelsea Clutch.  Jane models this in yellow for us at the bottom of this post (and has a nicely written review with photos).  The post also has many great picks from the spring/summer collection, so you may be inspired by items that you hadn't seen before.  Jane is also making her BWRR debut this week.  Yay!  :-)

Johnnie b:
Leggings.  Size 16+.  I love the Johnnie b. line of leggings.  Most retailers only offer leggings in black, brown, navy, and maybe grey.  Since I am a sahm of three little ones, I wear leggings a lot for comfort when running around after them.  But black, brown, navy, and grey get B-O-R-I-N-G.  This is the third or fourth pair of Johnnie b. printed leggings I have purchased.  They are young, I know, but I *swear, hand on heart* no one gives me a second look when wearing these out, especially since I always make sure to cover my bottom when wearing them.  ;-)

Anyhow, I am a solid size 8 or 10 in US sized pants (that would be a 12 or 14 UK sized), and the size 16+ works nicely for me, great length (actually a bit long for anyone shorter than 5'7") and since the fabric isn't thin, the leggings give nice coverage with no thin bits (Target printed leggings are so thin, which is a bummer since they often come in cute designs, too).

The price is probably the best part.  For the quality and the fact that they fit a full-grown woman, the $12-15 you'll spend (depending on what coupon is floating around) is worth it.

Leggings.  Sizes are decently stocked, but they do sell well, especially during clearance time.  Since the price difference is negligible between now and clearance time, grab them now, since free shipping and returns makes the slight difference more palatable.

Okay, that's it for this week (month, gulp).  Hope you all are having a wonderful Monday!