Monday, May 5, 2014

OOTDs/Review: Santorini Amongst the Dandelions.

Day: Saturday, May 3, 2014.

Where: Baseball Game (Rex's not the National League--at least not yet!) followed by a trip to get Vietnamese sandwiches and then to Barnes and Noble.

Ease of Wear: (5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) Even with the higher-heeled sandals, this outfit is one of the easiest I have ever worn, hands down.  I am such a fan of the Santorini Sundress (here at Boden) that I am immediately going to pin this dress to my "Favorite Pieces from my Wardrobe" board.  I can see why this dress sold out almost immediately.  For more on the dress, I have written up a quickie review below.  The only issue I had was that my shoulders got burned, but that is MY fault...what kind of pale fool like me forgets sunscreen on a hot, sunny day?

Cool Factor: (4 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest--for both outfits.) I think it looks very interesting with its unique mid-century inspired print, plus it is a very flattering easy knit dress with a fitted bodice and slightly flared skirt.  My husband really really liked it on me.  :-)

Anecdote from the Day:  I was going to go out with my friend from high school, L., but at the last minute she had to cancel.  I was tempted to go to where we were headed anyway, but I was all, "meh."  LOL.  So. not. motivated.

Santorini Sundress.  Size 6L.  I didn't even know this was part of the first summer rollout (came out with the Nancy dress) until I was looking around and then realized I hadn't seen it before.  I was very intrigued by the print, but when I opened up the page, I saw that the 6L was LONG gone.  Sadness.  I immediately started wondering how I could recreate this dress on my sewing machine, but I was really hung up on the fabric, so even though I *probably* could sew this up, I am happy to not have had to, since I think the fabric is very special.

It fits precisely as it should, and even features darting at the bustline for shaping, which is not always something found in jersey garments.  The pockets are also very handy and I found myself sticking my hands in them all day. 

It was hot out, but the breeze would catch the skirt and give me some *subtle* air conditioning, which is a big bonus here in DC, now that summer is very close (summers in DC--always brutal).

I think if you can grab this one, and you think it would suit you, it would be money well spent.  I had no problem buying this with the 15% off coupon.  No regrets!

Santorini Sundress
Santorini Sundress.  A lot of the sizes and colors have sold out, but watch for popbacks.

Day: Saturday, April 26, 2014.

Where: Rex's baseball game (connection to the first outfit!), meeting my good blog friend Leslie in Old Town, and the walking SIX miles home from Old Town.  SIX miles.  :-)  It felt good!

Ease of Wear: (4.5 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.) Since I knew I would be walking home from Old Town, and I knew it would involve sun, some heat, and a few uphills, I decided comfort was key, even if I really wanted to wear something more pretty and unique to show off to Leslie.  This was the first time I was going to be meeting her, and even though I suspected had I worn a burlap sack she would have still liked me, I really wanted to look good, ya know?  In the end, I decided to go halfsies...wear the cool sweatshirt from the Neiman Marcus/Target my hair up in a functional yet kind of pretty style...and wear the sneakers that will help on the six mile walk, but also look *fly*.

I ended up getting pretty hot, but fair skinned me wasn't about to take off the sweatshirt for fear of burning.  I did drink all the water and green tea I had in my bag on the walk home to stay cool, though.

Cool Factor: (3.5 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest--for both outfits.) Pretty cool.  The sneakers are actually pretty old, but that retro style Nike is staying popular (although these aren't nearly as retro as my green kicks).  The short in front, longer in back sweatshirt look may be on the way out, but it still works, trend-wise, especially if you are a SAHM on a very long weekend walk.  ;-)

Anecdote from the Day:  Leslie wrote up a nice description of the day at her blog, Pink Tulips, and I really appreciate her taking the time to meet up with me.  She is an absolute breath of fresh air, which is needed in this hot air kind of place (thankyouverymuch, Congress!).  I loved when we were able to sit down at Austin Grill and just enjoy our yummy lunches al fresco (yay for outdoor seating!).  Anyhow, only regret?  Not grabbing a photo of the two of us!!!  Next time, for sure!

Okay, that's it for tonight, I really hope everyone is having a great evening!

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