Thursday, May 22, 2014

Boden: Autumn/Fall 2014 Preview Picks (Coats, Shoes, and Accessories).

UPDATE (July 21, 2014): Some of the fall 2014 items have rolled out, including many of the below.  I have received a coupon from the people at the affiliate program.  You can find it below this first paragraph or in the sidebar of the blog if you need a coupon.  I will eventually be updating this post with proper links to the items that are available, so you can easily find the items you love below on the regular site.  :-)

15% off with free shipping coupon that is valid once you spend $50 or more!

Hey, all!  Happy Thursday!

Before I get started on the picks post (number three of four--this is the last one for womenswear, though), I wanted to let you all who want a popback on the regular Boden site to take a look around, because in the world of "perfect" timing (yeah, that perfect is sarcastic), the site got a whole bunch of popbacks this morning, *after* the better 20% off portion of the diminishing discount ended.  Now the discount is 15% off, which is okay, but it sure would have been nice to have some of those popbacks when the site was 20% off!  :-P

Okay, as you all know by now, to receive 20% off with free ship and returns here at the preview site, make sure to put the code H6G9 in the shopping bag page.  THIS CODE ENDS TOMORROW AT MIDNIGHT, so bear that in mind.  After that if you order from the preview site, you pay the full amount (not recommended, btw). 

Reminder that the other picks posts can be found here for dresses/tunics/skirts and here for tops/shirts/knitwear

Okay onto the coats, shoes, and accessories.

Autumn Trench.  I have one trench from Boden, and my stepmom owns one, too, so we can definitely recommend these above to anyone looking for a great transitional coat.  These two above are unique, especially the one with the allover bird print.

I LOVE how the model looks in the animal print version, btw (very top photo).  Just beautiful. 

British Tweed Blazer.  I know I can't shut up about my J. Crew Bella Jacket in Pink Herringbone, but the color and tweed is so pretty and feminine together.  This jacket is a great option if you always wanted the Bella in pink tweed but missed out.  Although this collar is meant to be laid flat, you can always pop it to get more of the "Bella" look.  Plus take a peek at the cute London print lining.  Love!

Edie Jacket.  This jacket is actually short, 3/4 sleeve, and very reminiscent of the 60s.  This would be very lovely worn atop a little black dress and a pair of heels (may I recommend the Jackie Heels below?).

Eliza Coat.  Pink Coat Sickness. My adoration of pink coats knows no bounds.  Must sell other pink coats to make room for this coat.  LOL.  I will, too, especially if this one ends up fitting me well.

Lebdury Pea Coat.   This color is amazing, and would very much make you the brightest person on any grey day.  And if you are buying Boden, you know doubt think *that's a very good thing.*

Rainyday Mac.  In years past, people have sent me reviews of the Rainyday Mac for my BWRRs, and this is the very first season I have actually wanted one for me.  (I love the British print one with all the guards.)  Question for you fans...should I size up to an 8R?  It seems that the measurements would indicate that, plus the online reviews all say the coat runs a touch small.  If you could weigh in, I would be so appreciative.  :-)

Fashion Pointed Pump.  Colorblocked Flats are not my thing, but I know a lot of you love them, so I made sure to include this pink/aubergine colored pair in my picks for you all.

Flat T-Bar Point.  I love the look of a beautiful heel but as a flat.  Eventually I will try and grab these on sale a little further down the line.  It could sell out, but I will take my chances.

Jackie Heels.  These are so chic.  Everything about them is so polished and ladylike.  They come in half-sizes, too!

Low Heeled Loafer.  I am recommending the loafer again.  I don't own a pair like this, and since I wear loafers more than any other type of shoe, I know these will be one of my best "cost per wear" purchases of this next fall.  I really hope that these are a bit more subdued in real life, not because I can't handle the shiny, but because I am hard on my shoes and would prefer that any dings that happen don't immediately mar the appearance of the shoe.

Mary Jane.  Yoohoo, J. Crew fans of their Fall 2008 may just fall over from excitement at the fact that you can buy the Penelope Mary Jane (well a close approximation, anyhow) again.  From another retailer, but as we are all able to say emphatically...Boden's offerings are often more old school J. Crew than the current J. Crew can say.

Smithfield Boot.  So my relatives in Mississippi buy cowboy boots for reals in an actual Western shop there in their town.  I have to say showing these short cowboy boots off may be a real affront to true-blooded country-western types in the USA, but dang (said with a southern accent, of course), these are pretty darn great dupes.  From a British company.  Buffalo Bill Cody may just be rolling over in his grave.  Sorry, sir.

The Lace Up.  Okay, I am so not a fan of these, but I have seen they are getting a real buzz over at all the various social media that Boden has out there, and I would be a real bad Boden blogger if I didn't let you all know that, just in case you are a fan. 

Wellie.  Cute!  I could see Boden making these for the kids, so the fact that they made these for grown women is pretty awesome.  I don't wear wellies, but I probably should in the weather we often get.  (Maybe on sale, though, if they stick around long enough.)

Casual Shopper.  This bag is stunning.  The color, the piping, the subtle hardware.  Good show, Boden.  Your bags get better and better each year!

Draycott Bag.  This reminds me so much of the Edie bag.  I don't really love the Edie bag, but I *know* a lot of you did, so this may be just for you.

Thurloe Bag.  If you want the cute British print but don't want to wear it all over your body, this bag may be the right way for you to show it off.  :-)

Umbrella.  Yay!  This umbrella is so cute.  They have had specialty umbrellas shown off in their catalogs in years past, but they have never had them for sale.  They finally listened to the fans of their unique prints and made them available!

Okay, that's it!  Hope you have a great rest of your day, and thank you, as always, for spending time here at my blog.  I may not always remember to say it, but I am so grateful for all of you.  :-)