Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Boden: Catch of the Day! Dresses for Women/Girls and Bottoms for Men/Boys.

Welcome to day two of Boden's "catch of the day!"

Today features 20% off all dresses for women/girls/babies, and bottoms for men/boys/babies.  In the past, this was always my favorite day of the catch, but this year there seems to be so much less for sale in the dresses area.  It's not sparse, but it is not busting out like it has in prior seasons.  I know that is partially because of the split rollouts, we haven't seen everything from fall yet, including one of the dresses I actually received and have already shown off here at the blog (Sophia dress, here--middle of the post).  Even the girls section is a bit lacking.

That said, I can at least do two written reviews for the two dresses I have from the collection, the Amy Dress and the Milano Dress.

Before I start, if you need more information on how this sale works, etc., check out yesterday's post for more info on the basics of the catch of the day sale.

Okay, so here are the reviews on the two dresses I own, but have not officially worn in real life (just tried them on for fit, etc.)...

Amy dress
Amy Dress.  Size 6L.  I received it and like many other higher end items from Boden, it was on a hanger and properly packaged to limit wrinkling, etc.  Right out of the package, it was stunning to the eye.  That plaid is very unique, and if you are a fan of larger graphics, this will be right up your alley.  The color is a bit off, I ordered the teal version, and the background is not the warm cream color you see on screen, instead it is a light grey shade.  It is a pretty grey, but not necessarily what I expected.

The length is fine in the long, to my knees, but I have read in the other reviews on the site, that the length runs shorter than people were expecting in the petite and regular versions.  So unless you are very short, the regular may work best for you, and if you are even 5'5", I would recommend going with the long.  I don't know how well it will work on the exceptionally tall, because *and I have experienced this myself* a shorter full skirted dress can look a bit funny on someone tall.

The one real quibble I have with this dress is the SIDE ZIP!  Agh!  My friend doesn't get my beef with side zips, but the ease of getting in and out of a back zip is so much nicer, and there is no worries about getting horrible deodorant stains on the skirt in an attempt to get the dress on and off.  And the sewing on of a side zip can go wrong, leading to puckers (I have a slight one on my skirt--doesn't detract from the dress, but since I sew I can tell).  It is much easier and usually get placed better to do a back zip. (And, might I add--the dress has a BACK seam, so  back zip could have easily been placed in the dress.  Sigh.)

Milano Dress
Milano Dress.  I actually wrote up a detailed review of this dress at this blog post

Neither of these dresses are close to selling out, but keep your eyes on the long sizes of the Amy Dress (they'll likely sell out first) and the Milano Dress in the plum and teal colors.

There were other dress reviews at the last BWRR, have a look 'round if you want a review of a specific item.  :-)  It might just be there.

Okay, that's it for today!  I hope everyone is having a lovely Tuesday!