Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Boden: Catch of the Day! Outerwear and Knitwear!

UPDATE (8/13/14 @5:27 pm): I received the Eliza Coat this afternoon.  I wrote up the review of it below (no pics of it yet, but tried it on)...

Hey, all!  Good Wednesday morning to you all!

Today Boden's "catch of the day" is outerwear and knitwear.  Unlike the dresses this season, which I think have sparse offerings, this year's selections of coats, especially, are in abundance and are quite beautiful to look at.

In fact, because they are so pretty, I have pledged to clear out a few of my coats from prior seasons (either sell them here or at the consignment shop) so I could enjoy the pretty of the coats from Boden.  I have received one of them, the Rainy Day Mac, and while I haven't worn it in real life or written a review on it, I have at least tried it on and can give you my two cents on it.  I also ordered the Eliza coat (above in the photo) with some exchange credit, and though it is not here yet, I will let you all know what size I ordered and why.  I also will put a link to the mini review of the Pattern Sweater that I did a couple weeks back.

But before I start the mini reviews, I want to remind you that if you are just coming to the Boden "catch of the day" game, I wrote more on how it works, etc., here at the first post from Monday.

Rainy Day Mac
Rainy Day Mac.  Size 6R. This coat looks EXACTLY like it is pictured in the photo above.  I would say this coat is well made, useful, and very "Boden."  There are less in your face options (including some solid color choices), but I had to go with the London print.

I received it and immediately fell in love with the fleece lining.  The winter weather we get around here tends to be less snow and very cold and more RAIN, GREY, and COLD.  Ugh.  Most of the time the raincoats I have (I don't have many, maybe two and they are OLD) are not substantial enough to tackle the winter yuck, so this is exactly what I need.  So excited!

(BTW, I don't wear raincoats in the summer, fall, and spring.  Often we'll get rain that starts partway through the day and I get all drenched.  I just deal because at least it isn't cold.  The rain in winter is a day long occurrence.)

Anyhow, everything would be great...except the hips are just the right exact size in the 6R and I feel like I would like an extra inch or so down there.  So yep, I am exchanging for the size up.  If there had been a dual zip (one that can unzip from the bottom), I would have been able to make it work, but not with the current zip. 

The waist is a bit baggy, but not a big deal.  Just something to be aware of...

Eliza Coat
Eliza Coat. Size 8R.  I see this is a swingy shape, and initially wanted to order the size 6R, because the bust measurement for the 6R is great for my upper body, but after reading the UK reviews (you have to switch to that site from the US site, btw), I decided I wouldn't take my chances and ordered the 8R since every review says it runs small.  If it is too big, I will try the 6R, but it would be nice to get the right size the first time! 

I am supposed to be getting mine via USPS SurePost, and they typically come pretty fast from PA, so it is possible I will get it today.  I have a lot going on this afternoon, but if I do get it, and I am able to get a mini review in, I will, hand on heart.

UPDATE: I received it today and it is exactly like what you see in the catalog, that beautiful dusky pink color (not as light as the image above, but the one at the top of the post).  I am glad I bought the 8, it is a touch loose, but because of the very nice tailoring and shaping, it doesn't appear to be too big or loose, but I know the 6 would have been too constricting, especially with winter layers. 

The buttons are not buttons, per se, but buttons that cover a snap, which is wonderful.  I like buttons, but sometimes snaps are just easier. 

The length hits me right above the knee, where it hits on the models. 

The fabric is warm, maybe not warm enough for really cold climates in the very most frigid days, but will be more than adequate for most Virginia winter days.  The fabric has an interesting "box" weave that you can see on the product page but not until you see it up close to you realize what a feature of the coat it is.  I really hope the fabric doesn't pill.  I doesn't look like it will, but you never know, and I will keep my eyes wide open for that possibility. 

I also noticed they took the time to hand stitch on the lining near where it joins the main fabric.  What a lovely little detail that you almost never see anymore.  Very happy, Boden, keep this kind of detailing up! 

So all in all a very wise use of my exchange credit!  :-)

Pattern Sweater
Pattern Sweater.  Size 6.  See my mini review of this one, with photos, at this blog post.

Okay, that's all for today!  Do you have any thoughts on today's catch?