Thursday, August 14, 2014

Boden: Catch of the Day! Skirts, Pants, Accessories, and Shoes.

Hi, all!  Happy Thursday.

Before I start, I wanted to let you all know I received the Eliza Coat yesterday afternoon, and because I had a few spare moments, I was able to write a brief review at the "catch of the day" post.  If you have any interest in that coat, the review may help you make a decision in the future.

Okay, so today's "catch" is skirts, pants, shoes, and accessories.  I *technically* only own one item that is part of today's catch, so I really don't have much to add, review-wise, to this discussion, but I do know that for a lot of women, this is their favorite "catch."

As a reminder, if you are just now joining in on the fun of the "catch of the day," I wrote up more on how this sale works at the very first "catch of the day" post here.

Low Heeled Loafer
Low Heeled Loafer.  Size 41.  You can see my mini review (with photos) here at this post.

Flat T-Bar Point
Flat T-Bar Point.  Size 41.  I have not received this one, but like the Eliza coat, I went to both sites (UK and US) to see what the reviews were saying about fit.  All agreed that it was running narrow, and that sizing up was necessary for the foot to properly fit length-wise.  I still am wary of sizing up since my foot is really narrow, especially at the heel, but because this one features a strap, I figure I will be fine with the size 41 instead of the 40.  It won't be here for 6 more weeks, and if it doesn't fit, I may not be able to get the 40, since this one looks like it is super-popular and will sell out fast.  Anyhow, if you like this one, you may want to get it with a higher % off since as we all know, the moment something is super-popular in Boden-land, the price never goes much lower.

Chunky Tights
Chunky Tights. Size M.  I have been buying these for years and love them so much.  I cannot find good thick cotton tights in the US.  I used to wear them a ton as a kid in Germany (lived there when I was very young), but it is also ridiculously cold there in the winter (we were in Bavaria).  Anyhow, these are well-priced for what they are, and are made well.  All pairs that I own are still in great shape.  Only warning--they do run large.  I have a size 10 bottom in Boden clothing and the L was far too big, even though I have the *lovely* combo of big bottom, large thighs, and longer legs.  I technically fall in the L category, but needed the M so I didn't have tights up to my bra.  (LOL.  Seriously.  My bra!)  Here I am in a pair from two years ago (worn last winter, though).  I wore a pair of burgundy colored ones on my trip to Ireland one and a half years ago.

Opaque tights
Opaque Tights.  Size M.  These fit a bit tighter than the chunky tights, but are made from a different fabric that has better recovery, so no surprise there.  These remind me a lot of Hue tights, except you can't buy these with a control top.  I don't need the control top with these, though, they stay up just fine on their own.  The colors are fab.  I really love the teal version I have from last year (can't find photos of me in them, though, hrm).  :-)  Here I am in the red pair (also from last year).

Okay, that's all for now.  I wonder what tomorrow's (and this weekend's) catch will bring?  Probably a hodgepodge of various items, if years past are any indication.