Monday, August 18, 2014

Boden: Mini Rollout! New Fall 2014 Items!

Beaufort Dress.  I am not sure I saw this one in the preview.  Very pretty, but very unfriendly to us pear-shaped ladies.  I hope someone gets it, posts photos on their blog so I can live vicariously through them.

Good morning.  :-)

I was sort of hoping for a bigger rollout this morning from Boden, but in reality the rollout was the tiniest of tiny, a mere 30 items for women.  There were items in mini, too, but they don't have their own "NEW IN" tab the way women do.  You have to hunt for those items.  They are *usually* the ones with no ratings yet and closer to the top of the page.

Anyhow, most of the items are geared towards "festive" wear, but not all of them.  They all look fine, but because there are only thirty items, you get through the look pretty fast.

The Sophia Dress I gave a preview of at this BWRR is there today, and is fully stocked.  Not quite sure I got mine so early, but whatever, it makes reviewing it today super easy.  (I should get the proper review up later today, hopefully, if time permits, within a Boden Weekly Review Roundup.)

Okay, enjoy looking around.

The current coupons are awesome since they allow for not only 15% off with free shipping over $50, but also FREE RETURNSNow there's a blast from the past I would like them to keep.  I have yet to receive any banners from the affiliate that have womenswear on them, so for now I have to use mini Boden banners, but they still work on womenswear, too.