Monday, August 11, 2014

Boden: First Fall Sale! A Catch! Tops and Tees!

I had mentioned on Friday that I had heard there would be a sale starting today.  And there it is--the famous "catch of the day" sale that Boden rolls out at least once a season.  Today's "catch" is *all* tops and tees, so yay for universal promotions.

BUT--before I start talking about this promotion, for all of those of you who have been WAITING and WAITING for free shipping on clearance items, it is here, kind of.  As of today, Boden has a banner at the top of their site that says "free shipping on all purchases over $50."  I placed a clearance item that was exactly $50.40 in my bag and free shipping was applied.  So that's great, especially if you want items from clearance that are either $50 or more on their own, or you have multiple items that are $50 or more.

Okay, back to the catch.  The link I have been given by the affiliate gives you direct access to the sale, but they also made sure to include the current "15% off" coupon that has been running here on this site since Fall began since they figured some of you all would still want to grab items that aren't necessarily in the catch.  Unfortunately you can't stack the 15% off with the catch promo.  

Also, this catch is for one day only, with tomorrow focused on another set of Boden items.  One of the days will likely be for dresses, another for outerwear, etc.  The whole catch of the day sale ends next Sunday night, August 17, 2014.

I can officially recommend two tops from this sale, and later today I will publish a review post on the Chepstow top I wore yesterday to church.

Chepstow Top
Chepstow Top.  (I published IRL photos of this top--not worn by me--at this blog post.)

I missed out on this one last year, as it was one that I figured I could get later in the season for more than 20% off.  Well by the time Boden got to a % off I wanted to pay for it, they were all gone, and never came back.  Oh, well.  But--because Boden is smart--they tend to bring back items that sell really well.  So, yep, new Chepstow Top crop this year.  I purchased the navy color, and the "hotchpotch" effect is very subtle since the yoke pattern is very tiny and is the same color scheme as the main top pattern.

It was warm last night, but the top was lightweight enough for me not to overheat.  Although technically not great for summer wear, it was fine, especially since I paired the top with a pencil skirt.  I also made sure to wear bare legs and loafers.  In my opinion, though, this top is made for wearing with slimmer pants and shorts.  Too hot to wear pants, and can't wear shorts to church, so there you go.

I chose to buy a size 6, and it fits perfectly.  It is not too long, but it is long enough to still provide coverage even if you have a longer torso.  The yoke is not too fitted (sometimes yokes squeeze me in because of my square shoulders), but still slim, so it doesn't look sloppy. 

I would say buy whatever size you normally buy with Boden knitwear, not their jersey tees.  This shirt really doesn't have a ton of stretch.  I can buy a size 4 in a lot of their jersey tees, but tend to wear size 6 in their sweaters.  Don't buy this one too big, or else it could look maternity (or size up if you are pregnant--hey--why not?).

Must Have Tunic
Must Have Tunic.  (I published IRL photos of this top--not worn by me--at this blog post.)

I have not yet worn this one in real life but will likely find an occasion to in the near future.

I chose to buy a size 6, and possibly could have gotten away with the 8.  The 6 fits nicely, but is fitted.  If I was looking for something less body con, I would definitely exchange for the size 8.  I don't mind the fit, though, and when worn with leggings, it looks great.  :-)

If you are shorter, this could work as a dress for you, so think about that possibility if you are under 5'4" or so.  (Jealous of you all, btw.  This would make an adorable dress!)

Okay, that's it from my end.  Do you have any recommendations from this sale? 

There were a few tops reviews (besides my two I highlighted above) in the last BWRR, and some clearance reviews, so go ahead and check those out if you are interested.