Friday, August 1, 2014

Boden Weekly Review Roundup: The Beginnings of Fall. In Summer.

Happy Friday, you all!

Okay, so like promised here is the Weekly Review Roundup!  I don't want to blather on, so let's just get this post started, since there are a lot of yummy fall new arrivals review and some great clearance reviews.  :)

Today we are welcoming the blog "A Pear to Remember" in our review roundup.  She has worn some of Boden's finest frocks this summer, and I definitely wanted to make sure you all saw how cute she looked in them before they all sell out.  Her ootd post/reviews link are at the bottom of the post in the clearance section.  Welcome!

CC, who is always so generous with information, let us know that she received a code (one time use by each person, apparently) for 20% off.  As usual, just put the code in the shopping bag page to receive the discount.  It is 4Y4D.  Thank you, CC!

Regular Boden:
L to R, clockwise: Milano Dress, Chepstow Top, Must Have Tunic, Low Heeled Loafer, and Pattern Sweater.
I haven't actually had a chance to wear any of these out or even try them on and photograph them, but I have definitely tried them on to see how they feel and how the sizing runs.

The good news on all of these is that I am planning on keeping them all since they are all very cute, very well made, and they fit well out of the box.

Detail of the Must Have Tunic.  This tunic I purchased in a size US 6R and it fits well, definitely snug, but since my 5'8" self has no hope of ever wearing this as a dress (some of you petite ladies probably could), I am fine with it being more fitted and body conscious.

I like the rayon knit blend, very soft, but since I am keeping this at the smaller size, I am not going to put it in the dryer ever.  (Rayon shrinks, especially in the dryer.)  The print is cute, yet not too juvenile, especially in this darker color.

Detail Low Heeled Loafer.  Size 41.  You know I have a love for a loafer, and after a few pairs from Boden, I still love them.  I actually own a cole haan pair from years ago that is a bronze patent leather that is getting really old and worn, and while this is not an exact duplicate, it is close enough in my mind to finally let the old Cole Haans go.  The sizing is more slim than Boden can be, especially since I often have to get a 40 since their shoes run wide.  They slip a touch in the heel, but I am most narrow there, so keep that in mind if you decide to order these.

Detail Chepstow Top.  Size US 6.  I am thrilled with this one especially since I missed out on it last year.  I was expecting a softer rayon knit but instead it is made from tencel lyocell, which is a fabric made from the pulp of trees.  It is not unpleasant, but it is not a soft rayon knit.

The size fits great, even though it is swingy, it isn't frumpy.  It hits right at my low hip, kind of like a shorter tunic.

CC hasn't been able to write up a review yet for us but says she loves hers, too.  The reviews at the Boden site are equally as favorable.  Clearly another winner for Boden, two years going.

Detail Pattern Sweater.  Size US 6.  I expected this to be less substantial than it was.  I thought the little guards would be prone to snagging, but they were knitted in there the way fair isle is, so very secure.  It is thick, it is fitted, so definitely don't size down. 

I like the feel of this one more than my gorgeous Hummingbird sweater from last year.  I still really like the Hummingbird, but this one feels more like a proper winter sweater.

Detail Milano Dress. Size US 6L.  The dress is a great sweater dress, but it has some issues if you are sensitive to these things.  The fabric is not constant throughout.  If you look closely at the shot above you will see the ivory sweater bit at the top is a bit wrinkled, and that is because the top bib portion is made from a less substantial sweater knit than the rest of the dress.  I am perplexed as to why they did this, but in the end, the dress is still beautiful, figure flattering, and will be super warm this winter.  The color blocking is unusual, but done in a way that it is accessible to many women.  The sizing is pretty much typical for Boden's fit and flare dresses, meaning if you are a pear shape you can size by your bustline.

Must Have Tunic
Low Heeled Loafer
Chepstow Top
Pattern Sweater
Milano Dress
Must Have Tunic, Low Heeled Loafer, Chepstow Top, Pattern Sweater, and Milano Dress.  None of these are close to selling out, but some have backorders or low stock for some of the sizes.

Sophia Dress.  Size 8L.  Most of you saw this at my FB page already, but I thought a better image may help you see some of the details better.  This is still not available at Boden, but I am guessing soon.  I am thrilled I got it early as it is fine for wearing in the summer (in fact, I wish I had brought a cardigan with me to the musical I watched as this was not substantial enough to keep me warm in the AC they were blasting!).  Anyhow, I have more photos and more info, but I want to wait on that until it actually drops at the site.  I will say that I could have *maybe* purchased the 6L, but I don't mind the 8L since it is super comfortable and not clingy at all.  There is a bright exposed zip in the back, which will not work for some of you. 

From the Boden Reviews tab:
Easy Scoop Tunic
Autumn Trench
Dartmouth Tunic Dress
Pattern Sweater
Jersey Jacquard Dress
Spot Collar Sweater
Sweater Coat photo
Easy Scoop Tunic, Autumn Trench, Dartmouth Tunic, Pattern Sweater, Jacquard Dress, and Spot Collar Sweater.  LizzyT wrote up her thoughts on her fall order.  :-)

First she wrote up her thoughts on the Easy Scoop Tunic:

I received my first autumn boden package! However, the excitement became disappointment. I ordered all 3 color ways of the bird tunic. This tunic is not for the pear shaped ladies. It is very snug in the hips. It is unwearable for me. The charcoal color has peach birds, which is an odd combo. The blue is much, much darker in person. The green is a very pretty bright emerald. I might keep the green and have my tailor take off a good 4-5 inches and add vents. Don't know if I love it enough for all that work.

Then she wrote up her thoughts on the rest of the items.  I am really glad some of them worked for her after the Easy Scoop Tunic disappointment. 
Autumn trench in bird print: this is absolute love! The print is actually a pale olive green, but it looks good with gray. I was thinking it was a gray color or a taupe but it's definitely greenish. The birds are beautiful and no weird colors (unlike the tunic). Pops of mustard and hot pink! It's a smudge right across the back, chest, and arms but this seems to be usual for boden these days. I've definitely noticed a change in fit even though I'm a pretty new customer.

Dartmouth tunic in the wine color: gorgeous sweater tunic. Quite long for a tunic so some may be able to wear as a dress. I'll wear with leggings and jeans. Stitching is delicate so be wary.

Pattern sweater in guards: short, itchy, but adorable. Very sad to send this one back.

Jacquard dress in black and white: this dress makes me very angry at boden. I checked the measurements as I always do and it should have come to just below my knee. Instead it hits mid thigh. Grrr! Beautiful but not for the tall gals (I'm 5'10).

Spotty collar sweater: short, see through and can't return fast enough.

Sweater coat in bright blue: beautiful fabric but a little itchy (I'm super sensitive though). Great piece for fall and cooler temps but definitely not for winter. Undecided on this piece but will probably go back and I'll get another dress that will be far more versatile.

I can't find the name of this last dress but I think it's the Posy dress in bright pink. It has an embroidery detail as a bib. This can't go back fast enough. Cheap jersey material that is see through and very clingy. Glad I have tons of dresses from seasons past that are high quality and appropriate in length for a grown woman!
(I couldn't figure out where the last two were, the don't seem to be on the site?  Maybe it is like the Sophia Dress and will roll out later?)

Clearance Boden:
Printed Scarf
Palma Sandal
Printed Scarf and Palma Sandals.  Lucky Lisa was gifted these beauties from Boden a little while ago, and because I was on vacation at the time, I didn't even realize she had posted the cutest outfit featuring them.  Take a look at them on her here.

Sixties Ponte Dress
Palma Sandal
Sixties Ponte Dress and Palma Sandals.  Lizzy looks very pretty in her simple summer dress ensemble.  I hadn't even noticed these sandals, and now some of my favorite bloggers are all wearing them...

Ponte Jacket
Blackfriars Jacket
Mya Bag
Palermo Wallet
Ponte Jacket, Blackfriars Jacket, Mya Bag, and Palermo Wallet.  Avril ordered these on clearance and gave a nice, thorough review for all four.  :-)

Jersey Maxi Dress
Jersey Maxi Dress.  Egyptomaniac looks stunning in this long gown standing in her dad's immaculate garden.  Love it!

Nancy Dress
Santorini Sundress
Monte Carlo Dress
Flowershow Dress
Gingham Shirt Dress
Nancy Dress,  Santorini Dress, Monte Carlo Dress, Flowershow Dress, and the Gingham Shirt Dress.  A girl after my own heart, someone who shares my pear-shaped woes AND loves these lovely dresses.  See the Nancy Dress and Santorini Dress here and the Monte Carlo Dress, Flowershow Dress, and the Gingham Shirt Dress here.  :-)  Glad to be in such good company! Yes!

Thank you to all my blog friends for their great reviews!!! :-)

Remember you can use CC's 4Y4D code to receive 20% off instead of the 15%.  :-)