Monday, August 11, 2014

OOTD/Review: Chepstow for Church.

I promised in the "catch of the day" sale post I wrote this morning that I would write up a review of the Chepstow top, which I happened to wear to church last night, so perfect timing for the sale, huh?  ;-)

First up is the ootd portion followed by the review of the top.

Day: Sunday, August 10, 2014.

Where: Church.

Ease of Wear: (3.75 of 5 stars--5 being the most easy to wear.)  The Chepstow top is fab.  If my skirt had been as comfortable as it, this would have easily been an outfit in the "4" range.  But yeah, stupid J. Crew skirt I bought when I was at my smallest.  It fits, but it is very fitted. 

(That said, I have spent my summer in luscious stretch jersey and swimwear, so maybe my body is just rebelling at being buttoned up so tightly.  LOL.)

The Penny Loafers (review here) are still available at Boden, btw.  These are from the spring and are currently in clearance.  As of this morning, clearance items qualify for free shipping, too, but like the regular season stuff, you have to make sure your basket is above $50 to receive free shipping.

Cool Factor: (3.75 of 5 stars--5 being the coolest--for both outfits.)  Due to the constraints of weather (warm and humid) and where I was going (church), I couldn't wear this top the way it would look best, with skinny pants or a pair of shorts.  But that said, it was a perfectly lovely outfit for church. 

Anecdote from the Day:  My kids have been "off" at church all summer long.  It's like once school was over (and the weekly school mass as a reminder of how to act for Sunday mass), they were like, "hey, let's act up, 'cause you know.  MASS."  Ugh.  Well, an incentive of...wait for it...chocolate milk did the trick.  Aw, I love it.  I really am not sure I am looking forward to the days when chocolate milk doesn't work as an incentive. 

Chepstow Top.  Size 6.  As you can see from the first and second photos, this size fits exactly right for my frame.  The yoke sits exactly where it should on the shoulders and the length of the sleeves is nice and long on my (pretty long) arms.  It also isn't too loose through the bodice, which could easily make this top read maternity.

So like I said in my written review this am, go with your knitwear size at Boden.  I rarely wear anything other than a 6 at Boden in their sweaters, and choosing this size in the Chepstow worked well.

I do wear a smaller size in Boden's jersey tops, a size 4, because those items inherently have more stretch than this top, which is made from a knit, sure, but a knit with not much stretch (it is a lyocell for those of you wondering).

Back View.  Unlike a lot of tops, I didn't have the "sway back/big butt" pooling of fabric, which is awesome.  It is because there is a flow to the drape of the top, and is not a fitted tee.

Chepstow Top

Chepstow Top. Stocks are healthy, but some sizes are on backorder.  If you think you would wear it starting now and would wear it throughout the season, you could buy it now and not feel guilty about not waiting.  As of right now, it doesn't appear to be selling out, but it may have been like this last August with this top, and it still ended up selling out.  Hmm.

Okay, that's it, have any of you tried this one? 

See you all tomorrow with another round of "catches."