Thursday, May 7, 2009

It Is Still For Sale!!!

Ladies...The Pippa Jacket is still for sale. Size 4...1300 dollars. If they still let us use our teacher/student would only be 1105 dollars. Come on, one of you must want it! (Smile...)

I wonder when, if ever, this coat will sell. I think I will check back every month or so and let you all know its progress.


Anonymous said...

HI!! It was so good to hear from you today! Awhile back I did a spoof on Fashion friday and I linked you, heidi, and amy but I think that's when you were out of town so you missed it... As far as this jacket goes.... it is really expensive.... You would really need to get a lot of wear out of it!!

HeidiG said...

hahahahahahahahaha - I saw it when I was scrolling through the online sale the other day and of course, immediately thought of you. So sorry, but you will forever be associated with that jacket.

And you should check out Lissa's post of Fashion Friday - it's a hoot!!

KatyO. said...

I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

Drewablank said...

Oh, dear. Poor Pippa.

If I only had $1300 to spare, I would pay J.Crew to take it off their website. :(

HeidiG said...

Drewablank - maybe you could start a collection. I think we would all like to see Pippa go bye-bye!

tm said...

Even the Paris catalog couldn't redeem this one! ugh.

dinagideon said...

Lissa: I totally looked at that comment...I was actually in California that day. You are too cute, btw.

This jacket is just ridiculous. I wonder if I will ever be able to say "sold" on my blog.

HeidiG: Well if I "have" to be associated with a jacket, I guess this one would be okay. ;)

KatyO.: You are so funny...I was on the floor with your comment...

Drewablank: Ask your "boss" to buy it. She would do the world a favor. :)

HeidiG: I think Drewablank's boss should buy them all...including the Atomic necklace. Heehee.

Tastymoog: Touche!!! Perfect!